Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hinomaru (Tokyo, Japan)

Hinomaru is the kind of place that you'll walk out of feeling worse about yourself and the world. Ordinarily, that would be all that you need to know, but this is unfortunately one of the few adult entertainment options for gaijin in Tokyo, so I'll let you decide for yourself whether it's something that you're interested in. It's definitely not a strip club or a bar, but I don't know what exactly to call it.  I guess the best way to describe it is that it’s sortof like a blowjob only brothel, but even that makes it sound more appealing than it really is.

When you arrive, you go up the stairs and point at a girl from one of several pictures (I’d say “choose,” but the girl you get bears no resemblance to the one you attempt to pick), then you get to go to your seat with a random girl, you give her 4000 yen, and you get a 15 minute bareback blowjob.  The girls aren’t horrible looking, but they’re mostly a little older and more than a little worn.  There are several love seats lined up in front of each other, so you’re facing other guys’ backs, but there’s a mirror at the front of the row and anyone who is walking by to their seats has an unobstructed view of you, so it’s definitely not a place to go if you’re shy or if you’ll be freaked out by a glimpse of Japanese cock. 

Basically, Hinomaru is a depressing place that I never plan to go again, but I can’t blame you for checking it out since the options for non-Japanese are extremely limited in Kabukicho despite it being the largest red light district in East Asia.  To get there, just follow the map below and look for the building that matches the street-view screen shot.  Good luck.


  1. Hinomaru is one of the worst foreigner-friendly blowjob bars in Japan. Jan Jan and Strawberry are cheaper and better.

    Did you try either of them?

  2. I did not check out either of those places, but they do sound better than Hinomaru based on your reviews. To be honest, the whole blowjob bar scene doesn't appeal to me too much, but I figured I needed to visit to do a review since I've noticed that, the shadier the establishment, the more hits the review gets. If anyone is reading this and is interested in checking them out, though, you should go read some reviews on Rocket's site. He's got some good stuff over there.

  3. have the address of Strawberry? i never tried it

    1. I've never been there either, but Rockit Reports has a review with the address here . If you haven't already, you shoul check out his site. He has a ton of reviews of brothels and massage places from around Asia.

  4. Sounds like fun if you are bi. Now I feel better about my AMPs.

  5. Actually, if you had Ayaka (the original Ayaka, not the one working there now), you'd be feeling a lot better about yourself. The one and only time I got the chance to be with her was June 2013, a few weeks before she left. She had a cute face, perky boobs, and great smelling vagina. She allowed me to do sumata on her and I spilled my load over her pussy lips.