Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Men's Club (Dallas, TX)

Quality of Dances (10.5/20) – The Dallas clubs all seem to have a huge variation from one girl to the next, and the Men’s Club is no exception.  I’d rate a good dance here at around a 13 and a bad dance at around an 8, but you’ll mostly get some decent contact and are usually allowed to touch anywhere except the area that’s covered by their bikini bottoms.   I was told that the no-fabric rule is relaxed if you go to the VIP area, but the grinding is usually good enough during the regular dances that I wasn’t too tempted to upgrade.

Quality of Dancers (9/10) – Pretty much every woman I saw in here was either very hot or absolutely stunning.  Other than a higher than average percentage of girls with implants, I had no complaints. 

Number of Dancers (8.5/10) – I haven’t been here during the day, so I can’t speak to that, but they had a few dozen women working at night and everyone who wanted attention got it. 

Variety of Dancers (2/5) – Most of the workforce is white, but I did see a few black girls and a few Asians, and there were some slightly curvier girls who were very attractive as well.  They weren’t quite big enough to be described as thick, but they were definitely soft enough to feel great during the dances. 

Attitudes (5.5/10) – You can expect some hustle and some well-practiced lines to try to push you towards the VIP area, but most of the ladies do sit and chat and are generally pretty friendly.

Value (3/10) – The $20 cover is pretty rough and you’ll have to budget a few bucks to the valet guy, but things aren’t too bad on the inside unless you want to drop $150 to go to the VIP area.  Beers are $6.50 and dances are very reasonable at $20 each since they play fairly long songs.

Club Setup (9/10) – This is a very large, classy club with a lot of tables and the most comfortable strip club chairs ever. The two stages in the main area and the one in the back aren’t overly large and don’t have poles, but they are nice and have some impressive smoke effects.  Between the smoke and the high-backed chairs, there’s almost an illusion that the girls on stage are floating up there.  If you’re willing to spend $150 to go to the VIP area, it’s ridiculously nice, with a swimming pool and a hot tub for you to enjoy with the dancers.

Dance Setup (1/10) – Dances are given in a raised area in the back of the club on a very long bench along the wall.  There are some pillows thrown around on the bench and it’s long enough that you shouldn’t be directly next to anyone, but there are no dividers and there are a bunch of tables and chairs in that area where guys who aren’t getting dances can sit, so there’s no real privacy.

Atmosphere (8/10) – I usually don’t love places that are this classy, but the Men’s Club manages to pull of the upscale vibe while still being somewhat relaxed and a lot of fun. For a night out with business associates or your more mature friends, you really couldn’t do much better. 

Location (4/5) – The Men’s club is right beside a hotel and is within walking distance of Baby Dolls and a Waffle House, so it’s a pretty good location even though it’s fairly far to the northwest of downtown Dallas. 

Overall – The Men’s Club isn’t worth going too far out of your way for, but it is a very solid club that you should be able to have a good time at.  Whether you prefer it over the nearby Baby Dolls will come down to what kind of club you’re looking for, but they’re about equally good overall.  Baby Dolls has more dancers, lower prices and a more of a party atmosphere, but The Men’s Club has better dances, slightly hotter women and is classier.  If you don’t have a big preference either way, I recommend starting your night at The Men’s Club while you’re still sober, then heading over to Baby Dolls once you’ve had a few.   

RAW SCORE = 60.5