Monday, May 14, 2012

Follies (Atlanta, GA)

Quality of Dances (13/20) – These are the best table dances in Atlanta, with a decent grind and hands on the hips ok with just about everyone.  Full 2-way contact is rare during the table dances, but that's more because of the out-in-the-open setup than it is because of the girls.  I usually refuse to do VIP rooms, but if you find a girl who provides a good table dance here, VIP dances can be well worth your while and aren't actually all that expensive.  At $142 dollars for a half hour, that works out to under $15 per three minute song, and full two way contact is not only tolerated, but encouraged.  I'd have given them a 9/20 for the tables dances or a 17/20 for the reasonably priced VIP, so I'll just split the difference and give them a 13.  Either way though, you should shouldn't have any major complaints about the dances at Follies.

Quality of Dancers (6.5/10) – These ladies aren't bad whenever you arrive, but I've been decidedly more impressed with the ladies that I've seen during the day shift.  There seem to always be a few really hot girls, a few not so hot girls, and the rest of the ladies are fairly attractive but not stunningly so.  It's just that the percentage of hot girls is much higher during the day, and at night, the hottest girls are more likely to get snatched up by some of the other couple hundred customers in the place before you even get a chance to see them.

Number of Dancers (5.5/10) – There are usually more dancers than customers at Follies during the day.  Things are less impressive at night, though, because the number of girls goes way up as the evening goes on, but the number of customers goes up even more drastically.  On a Friday or Saturday night, you're going to be waiting for a while to get a girl for some dances unless you're willing to settle for whoever happens to approach first.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (3.5/5) - You should be able to find something for every member of your group here.  Even though the majority of these girls are white, Follies manages to have a more racially diverse workforce than all but a few of the other Atlanta clubs.  There are usually several black dancers working, I've gotten dances from Asians of varying thicknesses, and I've even seen the occasional Latina.

Attitude of Dancers (8/10) – I've been really impressed by the girls that I've talked to during each of my visits to Follies.  They're just really friendly and seem to enjoy their jobs.  On one visit, I arrived after just eating an unhealthy amount of steak at the Brazilian barbecue, so I told the dancers that I wouldn't be getting any dances for quite some time.  Rather than move on to other customers or retreat to the dressing room, they just sat around and shot the shit for a solid hour, and these were two of the hottest girls in the club.  The less attractive girls make even more of an effort.

Value (8/10) – There's no cover during the day, but at night, they've got mandatory valet parking and the standard Atlanta prices: $10 cover, $10 table dances, $5 beers and decent nude stage action.  The dances really make the value though, and you can't beat a half hour in the VIP room with the right girl for $142.  Why $142 instead of a round number?  I have no idea, but most of the girls won't sweat the extra two bucks.

Dance Setup (0/10) – The table dances are right out in the open, which is bad if you're at one of the tall tables against the wall, terrible if you're at one of the regular tables, and unacceptable if you're stuck standing.  The VIP setup is much better though, with 4 comfortable couches in a fairly dark room off the back side of the club and a few private rooms off to the side.  There're no doors on the private rooms, but no one seems to care too much about what you're up to.

Club Setup (4/10) – This is a medium sized club with a large bar in the center of the room, a strange narrow stage that snakes its way across the club, and a decent number of tables that provide plenty of seating during the day.  The seats aren't sufficient during the evening and the tall tables against the walls go quickly even during the day, but they are fairly limited in what they can do due to the size constraints.  Overall, the setup is acceptable, but just barely.

Club Atmosphere (6/10) – Early in the day, Follies is good for grabbing a beer by yourself or with a buddy or two, and, in the evening, it's a good place for pounding some Yuenglings and letting loose. It doesn't quite have the bachelor party type of feel like Oasis, so I'd probably skip it for something like that, but I really like the vibe overall. The crowd get considerably sketchier in the wee hours of the morning, though, and the weed smoke starts blowing, so more conservative gentlemen may feel a little out of place.  I have never felt uncomfortable there, but clean cut white guys are definitely in the minority after about 10pm.

Club Accessibility (3/5) – Follies isn't terribly convenient to get to from downtown since it's in the northeast all the way out toward I-285, but it's reasonably close to Oasis and can be reached in a cab from the Turner Field area for under $30.  Better yet, since days are the best time to go anyway, just drive there and park in their free (during the day) lot.  

Overall – Follies is my favorite strip club in Atlanta, and if you're interested in quality dances, it will probably be your favorite club too.  The girls aren't as hot as at The Cheetah, the Pink Pony or even Oasis, and it certainly isn't somewhere that you're going to try to wine and dine a client like you might at The Cheetah, but it's hard to imagine having a better time at a club in this city.  There's a reason why my number of visits to this club exceeds my number of visits to Atlanta, and, even if I make more trips to this city, it will most likely stay that way.

RAW SCORE = 57.5


  1. The $2 in $142 goes into fund for replacing couches.

  2. I read the review and visited. The info was right on.., except that the table dances were even better with full contact. Awesome time. I'll be back.