Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scores New Orleans (New Orleans, LA)

Quality of Dances (9/20) – There’s some two way contact and lightly touching their tits generally seems to be ok, but I didn’t get the feeling that groping would be appreciated and you aren’t going to get a purposeful grind. 

Quality of Dancers (8.5/10) – Most of the ladies in here are decent and some are amazing.  They’re comparable to what you’d find at Rick’s, but you’ll probably prefer these ladies if you aren’t a fan of implants.  

Number of Dancers (6/10) – They had plenty of ladies working on the night that I was there even though it was a little slow.  There was only one lady on stage, but there were enough working the crowd to make sure that anyone who wanted attention got it. 

Variety of Dancers (3/5) – Most of these ladies are white, but I also saw some Asians, some black girls and a surprising amount of pleasantly thick girls mixed in with the slender ladies.  

Attitudes (6/10) – There’s always some hustle in a tourist area strip club, but most of these ladies sit and chat and are just generally friendlier than you’ll find in most of the Bourbon Street clubs. 

Value (4/10) – There was no cover on the night that I was there (Monday) and the normal cover is in the $5-10 range, but the other prices aren’t as great.  Beers are $8 and normal dances are $40, though you can get a slightly more reasonable deal if you want to buy 3 for $100, and you can cheaply try out the ladies by getting mini dances from girls who come down off the stage.  Still, for Bourbon Street, that isn’t too bad.  

Club Setup (6.5/10) – There’s a nice bar in the back of the club near a long stage that was not used while I was there, a small main stage with stageside seating, a few high top tables and some bottle service booths.  It’s classy and worked well on the night that I was there, but I can’t imagine that there’s enough seating when it gets busy.

Dance Setup (3/10) – There’s a room upstairs with several nice couches inside where the lap dances are given.  The views are unobstructed within the room, but it is at least relatively dark and comfortable. 

Atmosphere (6.5/10) – Scores may take itself a little too seriously, but it’s still a fun place that’s particularly nice for couples or business people.

Location (5/5) – Scores is right on Bourbon Street, so it’s location couldn’t be any better.

Overall – I prefer the Hustler clubs and Penthouse to Scores, but you could do a lot worse than Scores if you’re looking for a slightly upscale club on Bourbon Street. 

RAW SCORE = 57.5

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