Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Darlings NOLA (New Orleans, LA)

Quality of Dances (16/20) – I was told that you can do “whatever you want to do” in the $200 private rooms, but the regular lap dances are excellent as well, with lots of grinding, some over the pants hand action, and lots of two-way contact.  I guess I was being too respectful and one point because a girl grabbed my hand, moved it straight to her crotch, and said, “you didn’t spend $40 to not touch my pussy.”

Quality of Dancers (4/10) – Some of these ladies are a little sloppy, but others are very hot, though you’re out of luck if you don’t like black ladies.

Number of Dancers (7/10) – They had more than enough dancers for the number of customers in the club.  One is on stage and one hustles at the entrance to the club, plus several more work the crowd at all times. 

Variety of Daners (1/5) – There’s a mix of thick and thin dancers, but there’s no racial diversity because this is an all black club. 

Attitudes (1/10) – The hustle is out of control at Little Darlings NOLA.  One girl followed me into the club from the door, another latched on immediately, and they both attempted to escort me straight to the dance area without even giving me a chance to grab a beer or have a seat in the main area of the club.   

Value (2.5/10) – The night was getting a little hazy by this point so I’m missing some details here, but dances range from $20-40, the private rooms are $200, beers are $6 and the cover is somewhere around $10. 

Club Setup (1/10) – This is a tiny, cramped club with a bunch of chairs in the main room facing the small stage, and a stand up bar with no stage view off to the side. It’s definitely not a place that you’d want to or be able to make yourself comfortable.  

Dance Setup (1/10) – There are curtains for the private dances, but the main dance area is a bright communal room with shitty benches and absolutely nothing to obstruct the view of anyone else in the room. 

Atmosphere (3/10) – There’s a party vibe in here, but it’s very loud and smoky, and I got some not-so-friendly looks for adding a little diversity to the previously all black crowd.

Location (5/5) – Little Darlings is right in the heart of Bourbon Street, so it’s the perfect location if you want to check it out on your way to somewhere better.

Overall – I had high hopes for this place based on my experiences at their Vegas location (one of my favorite clubs of all time), but Little Darlings NOLA was disappointing in pretty much every way.  Your chances of getting extras are probably better here than at any of the other Bourbon Street clubs, but unless that’s your sole objective, I’d prefer pretty much anywhere else over this place.  Hell, even if that were my sole objective, I’d still probably hit a different club and just end my night over at the Hollywood Spa a few blocks away.   

RAW SCORE = 41.5

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