Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rockstar Gentlemen's Club (Wolcott, CT)

Quality of Dances (14.5/20) - The girls that I've sampled here have ranged from very good to excellent. I've gotten great friction from everyone, several of the girls like to run their nipples through the customer's lips, and a few of them give some solid over the pants mouth action. Mutual touching seems to be strongly encouraged by most of the dancers and it hasn't been unusual to have a dancer move my hands from my sides straight to the tits a few seconds into the first song. I don't get the impression that extras are available or that the girls will try to finish you off, but other than that, these dances are about as good as you can get.

Quality of Dancers (5.5/10) - All of the girls that I've seen have been reasonably attractive. I haven't seen any 9's or 10's, but I also haven't seen many girls that I'd go out of my way to avoid. A lot of the girls are more inked up than I'd like, but the high percentage of natural breasts does a lot to make up for that.

Number of Dancers (0.5/10) - During my most recent visits, there have been 3 or 4 girls working a fairly empty room, with the customer-to-dancer ratio rarely rising above 2-to-1. Based on that, I'd probably give them around a 3.5, but I have to knock them down a few points because of my first visit when there were no dancers in the place. I'd have given them more of a pass on that if they'd just opened for the day, but it was 7pm on a weekday. To have no one working for the after-work beer crowd is inexcuseable.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (1.5/5) - The overall mix of girls here is about as good as I've seen in New England. You'll find Latina, white, and black girls who vary from fairly skinny to just big enough to give you something to grab on to. Sadly, since you'll be lucky to see more than 3 girls in the club at a time, the variety on any given night is lacking.

Dancer Attitude (3/10) - The dancers are for the most part friendly and the one got major points for starting her lapdance as soon as I got to the dance area but not starting to count the songs until the next one came on 3 minutes later, but another girl undid that goodwill by trying to count the first half song as a full dance. They also lose some points for taking a group smoke break while there were customers who obviously were waiting for dances and I'd like to see the girls spend more time sitting and chatting with customers, but overall, the attitudes aren't terrible.

Value (2.5/10) - Drinks are $4.50, the cover is $5 after 6, and dances are $25 each. Even with the better than average dances, this isn't the place to go if you're looking for a bargain. They claim to have 2-for-1 dances on Tuesday evenings and Friday afternoons, but they don't always run that special when the club isn't busy, so I can't give them any credit for it.

Dance Setup (6/10) - The dance area is really just a long soft bench in the one corner of the room with strings of beads to obscure the view from the rest of the club, but it's actually pretty solid as long as only one or two guys are getting dances. Both sides of the bench extend a few feet behind a wall so that no one who isn't getting a dance can see you, and the lighting is poor enough that it feels fairly private. The bouncer peaks his head it at the end of the first song, but he seems to be more interested in counting the dances than monitoring what the customers or the dancers are doing.

Club Setup (3/10) - The stage is fairly large, the bar is about average, and there are several small tables throughout the club. Unfortunately, the lighting is way too bright and all the tables are crowded together and right out in the open. There are TVs all around the room, but most of them just show the music videos of the songs that are playing.

Atmosphere (3/10) - The bright lighting prevents this club from having much of a party vibe, but it isn't a bad place to hang out with a small group of guys for a few beers. They need to have more girls on the stage, but the girls who are up there seem to have some of the best pole skills that I've seen in Connecticut. The music mostly varies between rap and hard rock, but it inexplicably changed to country for one of my lapdances.

Location (1/10) - Rockstar is basically in the middle of nowhere. You may think that the windowless bar named "Illusions" across the street is another club, but don't waste your time. Unfortunately I did before realizing that it's some type of hillbilly bar/restaurant. If you name a bar "Illusions," you better either have some naked women or a magician on staff. So disappointing.

Overall - I almost didn't give this place a second chance after my first visit when no girls were working, but I'm glad that I did. Though you'd be better off saving your money for a trip to Tolland or Berlin or even Bridgeport, you could do a lot worse than Rockstar if you're looking for a club in Connecticut. The dances are too expensive for me to become a regular (at least until they get serious about having 2-for-1 dances every Tuesday), but I'll stop by from time to time if I find myself in the area.


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  1. Yeah yo I hear ya. There's always a flip side to everything. A friend got offered sex acts by the mgr. Guy looks and is a sleez ball. Dancers complain bout $$. Like any thing else, don't blo it up your nose ladies. Always a flip side