Sunday, November 7, 2010

Club Babylon (Duncannon, PA)

Quality of Dances (8/20) –  Despite their best efforts to give a good dance, I had to physically push two of the girls away because they were smashing my sensitive parts.  I like to think they weren't used to guys with nuts as big as mine, but it's more likely that they just have no lap dance skills.  On the bright side, the girls that I got dances from at least attempted to use their legs to provide some friction and none of them had been working here for very long, so maybe they'll improve.  Thanks to the cameras, you won't get away with touching the upper bodies, but leg and hip touching seem to be fine.

Quality of Dancers (5/10) – Most of the girls here are fairly young and are in relatively good shape.  I wouldn't describe any of them as real beauty queens, but the majority of girls are decent and are certainly a lot better than the ones that you'd find across the street at Fantasy's Island.

Number of Dancers (4/10) – I've only been here once, so maybe my experience wasn't typical, but I saw about a half dozen dancers and about the same number of customers.  That isn't ideal for a Friday night, but it's still easy to find a girl for a dance within a minute or two if that's what you're looking for.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (0.5/5) – I hope you're into white girls, because that's all that you're going to find here.  I'll give them half a point though, because the one girl had a tan, and for Duncannon, that counts as diversity.  There was also a little variation of body types.

Attitude of Dancers (2/10) –  I'm not a fan of paying for a dance in advance, but asking for a tip in advance is particularly bad.  I blame the club for that more than I blame the girls, since the girls don't even get a cut of the dance fees.  Either way though, it sucks.  I also didn't think that the girls circulated or chatted enough with customers, but they were at least fairly enthusiastic while on stage.

Value (7/10) –  BYOB is always a solid value, there's no cover, and the dances are a decent deal at 2 for $20 and 3 for $25.  You're expected to match the dance price for a tip, but 2 for $40 or 3 for $50 still isn't too bad.  The only real drawback is that there's not really a cheap way to sample a girl before dropping some significant money for multiple dances, so you have to invest a little time into scouting at the stage instead of just taking a chance with the first hot girl who approaches.

Dance Setup (3.5/10) – You get your own room for lap dances, but it's not nearly as sweet as it sounds since there's a window looking out to the main room and a camera that is monitored by whoever is working at the desk.  Still, it's nice to not have to worry about any other guys sitting near you, and the couch is fairly comfortable.

Club Setup (1.5/10) – The one half of the building is a porn store, but the club area has a real warehouse feel with a high ceiling, lots of concrete and several uncomfortable little chairs.  It really feels unfinished, and since it's a fairly new club, I'll hold out hope that they're still making improvements.  For now though, it's pretty shitty.

Club Atmosphere (1.5/10) – As with most strip clubs that don't serve alcohol, there seems to be a disproportionately high percentage of of young d-bags in this place.  BYOB is nice for people who live nearby, but unfortunately, I didn't have a cooler full of beer in my car when I was in the area, so I had to suffer through this place without the assistance of alcohol.

Club Accessibility (0.5/5) – It's right across the street from Fantasy's Island, but that's not a good thing.  Like everything else in Duncannon, Babylon is pretty much in the middle of nowhere, though you could get here from Harrisburg in a little under half an hour if you were so inclined.

Overall – You'd have to go out of your way to get to Club Babylon, but you'd have to be crazy to make the effort.  Harrisburg-based strip club enthusiasts don't have a lot of options, but if you're willing to drive this far, you're much better off driving a little further to the more mediocre (in a good way) Wild J's in Port Trevorton.



  1. i realize that its been two years since you posted, but a ranking of 33 is way to high.

    1. They now have a cover charge.
    2. Dance prices have gone up. They are more expensive that Fantasy Island (across the street).
    3. The dance rooms do not make you feel comfortable. Nor do they justify the price.
    4. Girls aren't even a 5 when graded on a curve based on it being next to a truck stop and in Perry County.
    5. It still looks like an auto garage that is being renovated, but it is not being renovated.
    The concrete is hard and cold. The concrete also makes the lighting worthless, which is ok since they bought their stage, sound system, and lighting at Wal-Mart.
    6. The bookstore portion is now closed off to customer access. You need to go outside and over to the next door.
    At least at one point in time you could get a girl to.... glory holes are illegal in PA, but their video booths have 'buddy spaces' which are the same thing but legal. You can't even do that anymore!

    **** I do think the chairs in the club area are very comfortable, but only if you are one guy going alone not doing a whole lot of hanging with the guys and moving and chatting. They don't look comfortable. They take a minute to get situated on. But you'll be pleasantly surprised.
    Isn't it sad that the best thing I can say about the place is that the chairs were nice!

  2. On a 1 to 10.........7/8
    It is under New Management in the Club area...Alot nicer people without "Anger".
    I was there with a group of friends, even 3 females with us (Females get in for FREE). We all had a very comfortable time & Great Fun!!!!!!!
    Some of the girls as in any walk/business were kinda pushy & pressuring for Private Dances. 1 of the female with our group got a dance n had a fun time. The girl was very Passionate so I got a dance myself with another girl, It was Erotic Fun.
    I spoke with another guy there n was told about things going forward with changes to make it a much nicer/improved club.
    Anything we asked for or about, the staff/girls give very good replies n even went out of their way to help us with our needs.(Without a FEE)
    It is "Cheap" to operate these types of Clubs and it make take time to make advancements to change the looks.
    The music was great, the girls on stage were very Lustful Performers with Style/Eroticness.
    It was clean, smelled good n respectful, we were there (9 of us) for about 7hrs.
    We plan on renting the "Loft Area" for a party really soon.
    My advice is to just stop in again, just as you would a food place that you didn't like before...You went back there again....gave them a second chance.
    We drove from Shippensburg and just had a really Great Time...
    Like I did say, "We'll Be Back"!!!!!