Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweetheart's (Vernon, CT)

Note: Sweetheart's was formerly Kahoots Vernon.

Quality of Dances (16/20) - There's a lot of variation from girl to girl, but everyone offers a good grind with the help of the handles on the sides of the booths and allows full 2-way contact.  Most of the girls also make at least some contact with their hands over the pants, and many of the girls offer extras.

Quality of Dancers (4/10) - Most of these girls are somewhat attractive but few if any of them are great.  If you know the quality of girls at the other local clubs, I'd say that these ladies fall about midway between what you'd find at Kahoots in East Hartford and at the Blue in Tolland.  The way they look wouldn't really be a problem though if it weren't for the the amount of wear and tear on most of these girls. Some nights, it isn't too bad, but other nights you can literally see the track marks.  On those nights, even knowing how good the dances are, I just can't justify allowing any of the ladies to touch my pants.

Number of Dancers (1.5/10) - I saw two girls here during my first visit, and even though I was told that I was there at a particularly slow time, 8:30 pm on a weekday should never be that slow.  There have been closer to a half dozen girls working during my other visits, but that's still not nearly enough.  Plus the girls seem to spend a lot of time with regulars, so infrequent visitors might have a tough time getting a girl's attention without dropping some cash at the stage.  And they don't even necessarily encourage that.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (2/5) - I've seen mostly young white girls at Sweethearts, but there's usually a least one Latina working as well.  They employ girls of all body types, though you might not see too much variation on any given night since there might only be 2-4 girls in the place.

Attitude of Dancers (2.5/10) - I've seen several girls just sit down with their top on and talk to a guy for the entire set. I just sit there with a wad of dollar bills ready to go, but a girl has to at least give a little effort if she expects a tip.  You don't tip a waitress before she serves the meal, so I'm not sure why some ladies think they should get a tip before taking the titties out.  The girls haven't been too bad to talk to other than that, but if you don't buy a dance fairly quickly, they'll be right back to the regulars.

Club Setup (5.5/10) - Though it isn't huge, the stage is fairly nice and is plenty big for two girls to dance at a time.  The stage has a very wide edge that separates customers from the dance floor, but most of the girls just crawl around on it to get closer to you.  The small 2-person booths that surround the stage are also a nice option if you're visiting by yourself or with one other guy.  The bar is fairly small and is surrounded by flat screen TVs, but there are no TVs in the much larger main room.  There's also there a pool table and a few decent tables there near the bar in view of the TVs.   Overall, this place isn't particularly well thought out, but it's still a lot nicer inside than you'd expect from the parking lot.

Dance Setup (7/10) - Lap dances are given in nice large booths with large sides and a roof.  It almost feels like you're getting into the cockpit of a strange R-rated space shuttle when you sit down.  Even though there's no door on the booths, no one can see you unless they're walking by because there's a curtain down the center of the room that prevents people in the opposing booths from watching. Also, since the booths are in a separate area of the club, it's fairly rare for anyone to walk by.  There are curiously bright lights in each booth, but most of the girls thankfully turn those off before they get down to business.

Atmosphere (1.5/10) - Sweetheart's seems safe enough, but the small bar and the tiny booths prevent it from being ideal for groups.  I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is, but I just generally don't get a great feeling from the place

Value (1.5/10) - I can deal with the $5 cover in the evenings, the $4 drinks and the decent topless stage action, but the $30 dances are brutal.  Dances were recently $20 each, but I guess they assumed that the perfect time to raise prices by 50% is during a recession.

Accessibility (1.5/5) - Sweetheart's isn't too far from Hartford, but it isn't particularly close to the interstate or anything else noteworthy.

Overall - Sweetheart's is fairly mediocre overall, but the lap dances are good enough to make it a fun place if dances are your top priority.  The problem for them is that they can't get by on lap dances alone when they're located less than 10 minutes away from some of the most aggressive (in a good way) dancers in the United States over at Electric Blue.  If you're just passing through the area, the Blue is the way to go, but if you're always around here and are looking to mix things up, you'll probably have a decent time at Sweethearts.   Honestly though, why would you want to mix things up from the Blue?



  1. This was my first visit to a strip club in CT, and it a good "introduction" I suppose. Its clean and seems safe.

    I had a similar experience in that its REALLY slow. Aside from myself, there were only 2 other patrons that seemed to be there just to drink.

    There were only 3 dancers working that night. Although none of them were actually dancing!

    The attitudes were incredibly different between the three.

    I sat at the bar, and the 1st dancer that approached me was a younger curvier dancer that sat at the bar and tried to chat me up, but was simultaneously playing on her cell phone. Giant negative right there.

    The 2nd was a good looking and fit younger dancer. She was nice to look at, but was pushing too hard and repeatedly talked up the VIP room.

    The 3rd was an older Brazilian woman that was a great conversationalist, not too pushy.

    I had a couple LDs from #2 and #3. Both were great, full contact, but pricey at $30! The booths are nice though. I had no issues with bright lights when I was there.

    It seems like the kind of place where you could get a lot of attention if you wanted to since its kind of quiet.

    Once I started paying for the LDs, the dancers pulled me over to sit at the empty stage. It was great because I got my own personal show!

    The one thing I didn't like is that there's quite a gap between stage and the seats, so its difficult for the dancer if they want to move closer.

  2. Very slow club... The stripper poles here actually spin on ball bearings ... The dancers say that it is actually tougher to dance on poles such as these. Most
    of the girls here are fighting battles with drugs, depression, or sagging stretch marked skin. But.....The most amazing dancer I've ever seen works here... One dancer called Vixen is a goddess and her dancing is so expressive and fierce ... She amazed me... I will return to see her.

  3. The druggie issues are not present anymore. I have seen a short moment of that. What I have had contact with across the board are fairly professional women.
    Once in a while a 'quick buck' skeezer will show up but not last long, so stay with the girls who show up regularly. Don't get sucked into paying a premium over the house prices ...

  4. Just moved back to ct after 10 years in the southwest. Had a better time then expected on a friday afternoon. There were four dancers working but not a lot of customers so it was ok. Girls were not the best ive seen but better then i was expecting. Great full contact in the ld room. One tall blond with curly hair and a russian accent gave some of the best over pants hand action ive had in a while at a club. If you guys are ever out in denver check out the penthouse never been disappointed there.

  5. place isn't that bad. I too had dances with tall curly blond , i thought her accent was russian, but she was from brasil. good dance prices(special) cheap beer $4. only 2 girls workin though. The blue is more money but they have at least 12 girls on. nice thing about sweethearts was no cover at lunch unlike the greedy blue

  6. I went my first time ever today. Three girls on duty two lazy girls one had an alright body but horrible attitude another was to chunky for my taste but the Brazilian girl was there and she really made it worth my time. We actually had some good conversation in-between ld's which she excelled at. I wouldn't say she is all that pretty but she is attractive a little on the older side but not used and abused. We really did hit it off even after I told her I wasn't buying anymore dances she sat with me and "stuff" she did occasionally get up to work the room as one would expect but always returned to the seat next to me. I will go back just for her. The two bar tenders on duty were attractive and friendly. The biggest problem I have is the girls don't work the stage they just hang around the bar and ask if you want dances. I prefer to watch them perform and then reward the ones I like by buying some dances. Very much a local scene with the exception of one sleezy guy upset about the time my girl was spending with me the other patrons were friendly enough. This doesn't rank among the best or anywhere near it but I had fun killing a few hours there.

  7. Look out for the little flake called "Richie". A thug in his own mind but with no balls. If he no like you, he will call on the bouncers to beat you down you for nothing.

  8. I have had dances even at Elan's and she asked me if I was about to cum. Which I did as I have at most strip joints when they keep rubbing their asses on my cock through my jeans. Why does everyone think it has to be okay to compliment a strippers bosom, cleavage, ass but not a mall barista and Big Y cashiers?