Sunday, March 4, 2012

Darling Cabaret (Prague, Czech Republic)

Quality of Dances (19/20) – You won’t find dances much better than these.  If you opt for the 1500 czk version (~$75 US), tit sucking is encouraged and you get full two way contact, some aggressive stick shifting and some excellent grinding from a nude dancer.  If you want more than that, though, it’s available from most if not all of the ladies.  I was quoted 2400 czk for a blowjob or 3000 czk for sex, but I was just looking for dances, so I don’t know whether those prices are firm.  If they are, they’re on the high side for Prague, but you get what you pay for, because these ladies are stunning.

Quality of Dancers (9.5/10) – In a city of beautiful women, these are some of the best.  Nowhere, Darling included, can quite match Goldfingers’ A-team, but the ladies at this place are as good or better than any other club’s offering.  If you restrict the discussion to clubs where sex is openly available then it’s no contest – Darling comes out on top by a fairly wide margin.

Number of Dancers (9.5/10) – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more girls per square foot in a stripclub than at Darling.  They’re everywhere, which is very nice on the eyes ,but can be a pain if you’re trying to relax since you’ll have to constantly fight off the approaching ladies. 

Variety of Dancers (0.5/5) – A room full of thin white girls usually bores me after a while, but when they’re this gorgeous, I’m not going to complain.  Still, half a point for a mix of hot blonds and hot brunettes is all that I can give. 

Attitudes (0.5/10) – I’ve been in plenty of clubs where I’ll buy a dance only to have the girl do an intentionally shitty job while trying to convince me to pay more so that “we can really have some fun.”  That wasn’t the case here, though, with all of the ladies giving a solid dance before making another attempt to get me to agree to one of the more intimate options.  Unfortunately, the fact that they deliver in the lap dance rooms is about the only good thing I can say about these ladies.  The sales pitch to buy that initial dance and an overpriced (~690 czk) lady drink is relentless.  It starts from the time you sit down until you leave, and many of the ladies won’t give up without you demanding that they go away, and even then they’ll throw in some parting shots about what a cheap bastard you are.  

Value (1.5/10) – They would love to rip you off, so be smart, leave your credit cards and ATM cards in your room, and pay as you go.  Just as an example of their bait and switch tactics, they have a sign outside advertising “free entry,” but they don’t tell you that it’s only to sit at a depressing little satellite stage that’s in a separate room from the actual club.  To get into the real club will cost you 300 czk, and each beer is another 300 czk, so you’re about $30 US in by the time you sit down.  Throw in a 690 czk lady drink and a 1500 czk dance, and you’re up to about $140 US.  The stage value is good and the sights are amazing, but you better bring some serious cash if you plan on staying long enough to really enjoy them. 

Club Setup (8/10) – Darling Cabaret is a beautiful two-story club.  Downstairs is the main stage and lots of seating, and upstairs is a lively balcony area overlooking the main stage.  There are more tables and small stages up there, plus there are a few bar areas throughout the club.  Whether you’re part of a large group or by yourself, the setup should provide you with somewhere excellent to take in the sights. 

Dance Setup (9/10) – The dance area is an elevator ride away from the main club, and you get your own private curtained room up there.  There are signs in the rooms indicating that there’s a no-contact zone between customers and dancers, but I thankfully can report that this is not enforced.

Atmosphere (6.5/10) – The hustling dancers do their best to ruin it, but otherwise, this place has an amazing party atmosphere on peak nights.  For a bachelor party or as part of a night out on the town, it would be pretty much perfect.  I found it to be a little more laid back on a Sunday night, but even then, it was a lot of fun.  As long as you’re either prepared to constantly drop cash on lady drinks or can make peace with the fact that you’re going to look like a cheapskate, you should have a good time.

Location (5/5) – Darling Cabaret is just steps away from Wenceslas Square and is directly across an alley from Atlas Cabaret.  It’s the ideal location for most visitors to Prague, and is particularly glorious if you stay next door at the very nice K+K Fenix Hotel. 

Overall – Darling Cabaret reminds me a lot of the Hong Kong club in Tijuana.  Sure, these women are white and the prices are significantly higher, but both places have great party atmospheres, amazingly hot girls everywhere you look, excellent lap dances, and readily available sex.  The big difference is the big drawbacks of each club: here, it’s aggressive, borderline belligerent dancers; at Hong Kong, it’s the possibility of being kidnapped, held for ransom and murdered by a cartel.  It’s kind of a tossup. 

You might ultimately find that you prefer Goldfingers or Cabaret Carioca to this place due to their less aggressive girls (though don’t expect to find anything more than lapdances at those places), but whether it’s for a bachelor party or just a fun night out, I’d plan to make a stop at Darling Cabaret a part of any visit to Prague. 



  1. wow, thank you very much for your review. I only wish I had read this a week ago... However we had a pretty nice time at the Darling Cabaret. We were not approached by the girls, but this might be because we actually brought a girl with us, or simply that I cannot remember to well due to the absinths we had before going to the place...
    The best experience was a naked girl in the bathtub trowing sponges at me, and when I threw them back she would spread her leg so that I had a place to aim ;)
    I agree on the beer prices and the entry fee, and see from your other reviews that there are several better locations for relaxing, drinking beer and looking at girls dancing on the stage. I will definitely try these out, perhaps already next week-end :)

  2. Hi Pete, thanks for the review. We went with some friends in oct 2012. It seems that they read your note about variety of dancers. We saw, in addition of eastern europe beauties, some very nice asian and black ladies.I even talk to a girl from Brazil! Anyway, I definitely reccomend to go there, for a table dance or more. There are also some very nice shows on stage. Our next trip next year will be to Budapest, we'll follow your advices again.

  3. Our group came to Prague looking for good, honest fun.

    We had heard about Darling Cabaret and were looking forward to going to the club. On the way to the club, one of the street promoters for the club told about the small Darling Bar where the entrance was free. We wanted to know what the catch was. He told us beers were 100 CZK each. This was a high price, but we thought it was fair enough if the entrance was free.

    When we went inside there were lovely girls on the stage dancing fully nude. It was a cozy bar. The waitress came to take our drink order and we told her we wanted a round of 100 CZK beers. She told us there was no such thing as 100 CZK beers, and the cheapest beer was 250 CZK.

    Needless to say we were confused. I told the waitress to hang on, and I went outside to find the street promoter. When I told him about the pricing difference, he was visibly angry. He told me that the girl was lying so she could make more money on drink commissions.

    The street promoter went inside and spoke to the waitress, and we had our 100 CZK round of beers. We were annoyed with the waitress and we asked for someone else instead.

    The lying waitress’s name was Barbara (at least that is what she said). She was a thin bird with long dark hair, and she had a shitty and bitchy demeanor and attitude.
    After this experience we skipped the main Darling Club and went back to our hotel.

    I would recommend avoiding Darling Cabaret based on our experience. Who knows what other scams are at the club.

    1. Barbara is a very nice girl. Probably the fault is on you and your language.

  4. Hey Peter,

    The 3000ck price quoted, is that for dance and sex combined? Or would you have to cough up the 3000 after having paid for the dance?


    1. With everyone that I talked to, the 3000ck price included sex, but you should confirm that with each girl before agreeing to spend that much money.

    2. Will they do a threesome with me and my fella?

  5. It is awsome in this club. And to be honest you only pay the 3000 for sex if you really only drink 1 99ck beer. Talk nice to the girls laugh with them and drink something and you won't forget the experience in there ;)

  6. Went here last night after a full week of striking out in the pubs and clubs of Prague. Got my revenge and slept with 2 women had an erotic massage from another and a nice lap dance from a honest university gal. She sat and kept me company for close to 2 hours, even sneaking in a few kisses. It was nice. :) I spent over 900 USD, but it was well worth it! This place is true magic.
    The 3000ck price seems to be the going rate and not negotiable.
    Really know what you want. Don't waste the girls time. They'll appreciate it and make your night extra special. Don't be shy and tell them what you'd like.
    I had a great time. I only wish I took my time choosing the girls. There are some real stunners.

    Thanks Pete for the cool website, I read some of your reviews and finally decided on this place. It was my first time doing such a thing, and I have no regrets. I'll have the rest of my life to work back the 900 USD!

  7. After reading your review I decided to try darlings...I agree on the amount of girls per square metre... They looked amazing. But I had a bad experience there last night so here are the warnings.
    Paid for a bottle of jd which as advertised came with a free table dance but none of the girls are willing for a free dance..
    Had 2 hours company with a girl called Christina then decided to pay 3000cz for 30 mins upstairs. Once we were in one of the rooms upstairs the alarm went off after only 10 mins.
    Complained to manager but they were unwilling to speak English. They were waisting my time so decided to leave as I did not want to let a bunch of thieves and hustlers ruining my night. Be warned!

  8. After reading all your comments, I decided to give darlings a go, had a good time at first but went sour so here are the warnings.

    As advertised you get a free table dance if you buy a bottle 2000cz, but none of the girls are willing for that dance!

    Spent 2 hours with a girl called christina then decided to pay 3000cz to go upstairs for 30mins but once we entered the room the alarm went off after only 10mins! I timed it!
    I spoke to the manager but he was unwilling to speak english and they were there to waste my time and being anything but hustlers and thieves. I decided it wasn't worth trying to argue with these lot so decided to leave! be warned! very nice girls but they will rinse your wallet!

  9. 2014 update. I think a lot has changed since this original post. 300 entrance still, 500 for VIP which let's u sit at tables with good views or closest -not required but if its crowded or its a party u may want to. Don't sit in corners or where you are blocked from girls approach.... Unless that's what u want. If your seat sucks, get up and move. More girls down than up. You can ask red blazer outside for free tour before paying entrance if u want. Price list for extras on table. 2400 for 20mins. 3000 for 30 and other longer times. While they perform in privates ... They stiff you on the time. I.e. when you blow or when the times almost up signal is rung-visitors have no idea. Sometimes they just say times up. I insist that it isn't in a friendly manner.They still have the nerve to ask for tips. Rooms are as clean as they get. Girls are not all top shelf... You may find 1x 10, 2x 9, but the rest are 6-7s with a few 8s. Maybe 30-40 girls in club at 1 time. There are a couple of utter scraps too. Bodies are great usually but faces/height bring them down1-2 points. Darkness and alcohol are deceptive. Don't bother with ladies drinks unless u just want company. If you're interested in privates they will talk to you and give u private regardless . Not all offer sex. I tell them straight up not interested if I'm not. Some will pressure and ask why but it gets rid of the unwanted quickly and in a nice manner too. Some make the rounds, some ignore you,some just sit there ... If you want someone specific you should at least signal them. Most are czech or at least say they are. I saw about 5 black Chicks and 1-2 old enough to be mothers of 10. If you're on the cheap ask for 100cz beer-can and specify price or they will give u 300 beer-bottle . You don't have to drink but it passes the time and gives your hands something to do. Sparkling water was 290.
    I went to club twice on weekday -Tues/wed . Many free tables at 10.30pm Hardly any free at 1am. Club gets 40-50% of private based on register price -yes they print a receipt for girl to take to upstairs. Of 3k, girl put 1.8k in wallet and gave 1.2k to waitress. I thought she cheated me at first but music went for 25mins before buzzer. I am pretty sure this is warning for time almost up as music continued. Clock in sex room but not lap dance room.
    I did 2 erotic massage in Prague and they were so much better it's not funny

  10. went to Darling cabaret , entry 300 kc , super crowded , alot of girls , for me most of the girls were ugly and old from Russia , very few czech girls , very few beautiful girl , the waitress are annoying , checking our drinks every few mins , one waitress was forcing us to buy another drink althought we still didnt finish our drinks . The show was good but wont come again .

  11. I was there week ago and it was eally great! Girls are amazing dancers with passion and you will fall in love for sure. The atmoshere was very friendly and girls really beautiful!

  12. My friends and I went here on Sunday as part of my stag weekend, the free satellite bar is now just part of the club and it's 350czk on the door for access all areas.
    Being a bunch of cheapskates we stuck to the 99czk cans of Heineken and drank without breaking the bank for 6 hours.
    The cans kinda mark you as cheapskates and you don't even get glasses but the girls know not to waist their time coming over unless you make eye contact.
    The variety has also improved since Pete reviewed this as my friend had a big booty black girl on his knee for a while and my other pal with yellow fever found a very pretty oriental girl for a private dance. We got a good table dance with touching and an ice cube banjo solo for 1000czk and with an additional contribution of 100czk from my pal she bent me over the table and whipped my bare arse with my own belt...
    All in all a brilliant night.

  13. Hey:) does anybody know if the women get tested for STDs?