Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paisas Club (Bogota, Colombia)

Sorry for the long delay since my last post. If you've followed my twitter account, you know I've been busy traveling around 5 continents over the past few months, but I think I should be settling down soon. I can't make any promises, but I'm going to try to get back to my weekly posting schedule. I have several Detroit and Bogota reviews started and I'm working on some more from other random places, but just need to find the time to finish them off. Now, on to the review of my favorite club in Bogota, Colombia, Paisa Club...

Dances (15/20) - The fully nude extended table dances are very good, but they're not the reason that anyone comes here. Sure, you'll see girls dances at several tables (usually  going from guy to guy in a group rather than sticking with one guy for the duration), but pretty much everyone is here to watch the stage show or take a girl upstairs to fuck. 

Dancers (8/10) - A lot of people prefer the surgically enhanced ladies at La Piscina, but the ones at Paisa Club are right up my alley. All Latina, all with cute faces, and all with perfectly curvy asses that they know how to shake. 

Variety (3/5) - The variety at Paisa is fairly impressive. Every age from about 20 to more than double that is represented, there's a good mix of natural and implanted (both tits and ass) ladies, and there's good size variation as well. As long as you're into Colombianas, there will be several women here who you find to be very attractive. 

Number (6.5/10) - This is a large club that can get packed on the weekends, but they have plenty of women to meet the demands of the crowd. Early in the evening, they usually only have a few dancers working, but there are several dozen working by the time it gets busy. A lot of them don't sit and drink, so you may have to either approach them or point out the one you want to a waiter, but you should always be able to get some company fairly quickly if you want it. This score would have been higher, but they unfortunately only have a girl on stage about half the time, even when it's busy. 

Attitudes (3.5/10) - These ladies are almost all very friendly once you talk to them (as long as you talk to them in Spanish), but it's unfortunate that most of them just stand around waiting for a guy to take them upstairs for "amor" rather than drinking with customers. That's not uncommon for the Colombian clubs, but it's still a little bit of a bummer. 

Value (9/10) - The 4,000 peso beers aren't cheap by Colombian standards, but I can't complain about that since it's only $2 US, there's no cover, stage tipping is pretty much unheard of, and most of the girls will offer to take you to a room for a half hour of sex for around 50,000 pesos ($25 US). 

Club Setup (6/10) This is a fairly narrow club, but it's deep and has a ton of seating. Other than late on Friday or Saturday, finding a seat shouldn't be a problem, and there're more seats upstairs overlooking the stage for anyone who's getting bottle service. The stage is only a few feet wide, but runs almost the whole way from the front to the back of the club, so you'll get a chance to see the dancers up close at some point in their sets wherever you're seated. My favorite thing about this place, though, is that the pole goes through a hole in the ceiling to the 2nd floor (where the dressing room is), so girls slide down it like a fireman's pole to start their stage sets. 

Dance Setup (0/10) - If you want a lap dance, it's going to be right at your table in the middle of the room. For that, I have to give them the goose egg here, but the private bedrooms upstairs with a bed, shower and sink are fine if you're looking to do more than that. 

Atmosphere (6.5/10) - The crowd can be a little rough and you'll stand out if you're not Colombian, but I've never had any problems in here and I really enjoy the party vibe when it's busy. 

Location (3.5/5) - A lot of people will warn you about the Santa Fe neighborhood, but I've always felt perfectly comfortable on this block as long as the bars are open. The best thing about the location is that there are several other clubs within a few feet of the front door, so you can easily pop your head in and out of a few of them to see who has the best talent on any given night. 

Overall - I highly recommend Paisa Club if seeing hypnotizing Colombian asses shaking sounds like something you'd be interested in. If you don't care about seeing girls strip and are strictly looking to find someone for sex, there are a few other options that might be a little better, but Paisa Club has been my go-to spot while in Bogota for the past two months.


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