Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pleasant Moments (Bridgeport, CT)

UPDATE: Pleasant Moments was closed for much of 2011, but it's now open again and is the same as ever.

Quality of Dances (17/20) – I hate to implicate a club in illegal activities, so I'll start this off by saying that not every girl offered extras (maybe they would have if I'd talked to them, but who can be sure?) and I didn't see any signs that the bartender or bouncer knew about or condoned what the girls were offering.  Plus, they have a sign in the bathroom reminding customers that they'll be asked to leave if they're caught doing drugs, so you know the club is on the up and up.  Having said that, several girls were shocked to find out that I actually wanted a dance since I guess not many customers at Pleasant Moments are looking for that.  Still, they all gave a good effort and were happy to do as much or as little as I wanted them to.  The one girl was even apologetic for her less than skilled dance moves, saying, "sorry, I don't not how to dance to this Spanish music - I usually just suck dick to it."  I had to knock them down a few points because the high chairs can make the contact awkward (more on that below), but these are still great dances.  

Quality of Dancers (2/10) – I've seen a few really hot girls and a lot of not so hot girls, but just about everyone in this place looks a little worn out.  Still, I've always managed to find at least one girl worth getting a dance from on any given night, and if you're into thick girls, you should find a lot more than that.

Number of Dancers (3/10) – Pleasant Moments isn't a large club, but there usually aren't more than about 2 customers for every dancer except on weekend nights, so you won't have any problem getting one for a dance.  Unfortunately, the number of dancers is usually in the single digits, and the number of hot dancers is usually in the low single digits, so you might have a hard time finding one you like.  Or, worse yet, you may have to wait for a girl that you like to finish up a dance with another customer, and considering what goes on during many of the "dances," that can be fairly disconcerting.  

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (3/5) – They have thick, thin, black, and Latina dancers, but you're pretty much out of luck if you're into white ladies.  There is one who's there most of the time, but I just can't bring myself to get a dance from someone who I know has spent too much time in this place.  

Attitude of Dancers (5.5/10) – A few of the ladies are a little strung out (I guess they missed the "no drugs allowed" sign), but they're actually very friendly for the most part.  The combination of friendly girls and the aggressive dances means that I've never had an easier time turning girls down.  If you just say, "sorry, I just had one," almost all of the ladies will say something along the lines of, "ooohhhh, maybe in a half hour or so, then?"  The closest that I got to a bad attitude was one girl who pissily asked me, "what am i supposed to do with these tissues if we're not fucking?"  My question is, what were you going to do with those tissues if we were fucking?  Personally, I'd prefer a condom.  Also, unsurprisingly, this place has had some issues with the Bridgeport Police Department, so if you're white and are dressed in business apparel, you better be seen drinking alcohol the second you walk in, or the girls will disappear.  I don't usually drink water in clubs, but I made an exception here because I figured the bottles would be the cleanest things the place.  Only one girl approached me until I switched to beer, then it was open season. 

Value (6.5/10) – The cover charge is $5, Coronas are $5.50 (that's all anyone drinks) and the stage value is off the charts if you're the kind of guy who likes to grope a girl out in the open.  The real value though comes from the lapdances, which are about the most contact you'll ever get for $20.  And if you're looking for a "dance" rather than a dance, that's a disturbingly cheap $60 from most of the ladies.  

Dance Setup (7/10) –  Dances are given in individual tiny rooms with doors that close and lock.  The only real downsides are the sticky floors and the uncomforable stools that you know people fuck on.  They're just too high off the floor for a proper lapdance, though I imagine that they're not coincidentally the perfect height for using to bend someone over.   

Club Setup (0/10) – This place is a shithole.  There's a large bar with a decent view of the shitty eye-level stage, then there's a raised area off to the side where there are a few stage-side seats and 2 pool tables.  I enjoyed that they have ice in the urinals because few things are more fun that melting that while drunk, but if a ghetto way to save money on urinal cakes is the highlight of a club, that's a bad sign. 

Club Atmosphere (0/10) – If you feel a need to remind customers that drugs are not allowed, you know there are some shady characters around.  I've surprisingly never felt that I was in danger while in Pleasant Moments, but that's primarily due to the fact that everyone is thoroughly patted down upon entering the club.  Still, the shady atmosphere and the constant questions about whether I'm a cop add up to a poor atmosphere, but I doubt that even this club's biggest fans really enjoy hanging out here.  You come here to cum here, and that's about it.  

Club Accessibility (1.5/5) – I don't know my way around Bridgeport enough to say whether there are mass transit options, but you'd probably want to be able to get out of here at a moment's notice anyway, so you'll be driving to Pleasant Moments. It isn't in a great neighborhood, but at least you can park close enough to the club that you shouldn't really need to worry about your car.  

Overall – I'm all about aggressive lap dances, but Pleasant Moments is just too dirty, literally and figuratively, to justify me stopping by.  If you're interested in more than dances, that may change the equation for you, but you should definitely be careful with this place.  Police busted the club in late 2010 and both dancers and customers were arrested, so I have to think it's only a matter of time until it's raided again or shut down permanently.  

RAW SCORE = 45.5


  1. great, thanks for asking the cops to come back

  2. I'm intentionally vague when describing the activities that go on in any club where there's even the slightest chance that the community doesn't know what's going on (the police always know, because half of them are in the clubs getting their own dicks rubbed - they just don't give a shit unless the community complaints get too loud), but since the recent raid of Pleasant Moments was all over the local papers, that's not a concern here. And based on the history of the Bridgeport clubs, we all know that it's only a matter of time until Pleasant Moments goes the way of Teddie's, and the girls go somewhere new. The police will be back, and since they're busting patrons as well as dancers, I think my readers need to know what they're potentially getting themselves into.

  3. Very funny! A good - and fair review. I too, know this place fairly well and you nailed it.

  4. They've moved up to Shakers on Barnum Ave. Same girls, bartenders and fat out of shape bouncers. Different club, same "dances"