Sunday, July 17, 2011

Call to Action


See this post from Rocket, one of my favorite writers/performers of all time, regarding XoticSpot's hottest dancer of the summer contest. You can vote for her by going here and clicking at the link at the top of the page. You need an XoticSpot account, but you should already have one anyway (it's free), so I don't feel like I'm creating any extra work for you.

The list of reasons why you should vote for Rocket includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1) She's so beautiful that she could be an air hostess in the 60's.

2) She plans to donate a portion of her winnings to SWAAY. Although this blog wasn't started with any sort of political agenda (I really just needed an excuse to justify my degenerate behavior), I feel very strongly that the way sex workers are perceived and treated in America is disgusting and I support any efforts to correct that problem.

3) Because I said so.

I think that's it. I'm going to Iceland for a few days next week. Sadly, the word on the street is that they've banned strip clubs. World's most feminist country, my ass.

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