Thursday, July 14, 2011

Platinum Plus Lexington (Lexington, KY)

Quality of Dances (8.5/20) – There's a huge variation from one girl to the next, with some girls offering full two-way contact and other girls only providing a soft rub without allowing much touching.  Most of the ladies do at least provide a slow but solid grind and allow hands on the hips, so the dances end up being reasonably enjoyable as long as your expectations aren't too high.  Just know that if you're expecting the type of contact that you'd get at their Columbia, SC location, your expectations are too high. he only advantage here is that you have the option of upgrading to a nude dance if you're willing to spend an extra $10.

Quality of Dancers (7.5/10) – There weren't any 9s or 10s during my visits, but they had 7s and 8s as far as the eye could see.  It's just an exceptionally consistent work force that's filled with women who are worth taking for a dance.

Number of Dancers (8/10) – They have more than enough dancers, and just about every table of guys was being entertained by one or more ladies at a time, even when the club is packed.  During the two-for-one parade, things are even more impressive, with dozens of women filing through the room looking for guys to entertain.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (3.5/5) – Most of the ladies at the Platinum Plus are white, but they have some of the best body variation that I've ever seen.  It's not unusual to find a club with thick girls, thin girls and everything in between, but it's almost impossible to find a place with that kind of variation where all of the ladies are mainstream hot.  Since everyone in this place rates at least a 7, even the women who aren't your type shouldn't be a turnoff.  

Attitude of Dancers (2.5/10) – The good news is that some of the ladies were happy to sit and chat after I got a few dances even though I made it clear that I wouldn't be purchasing any more from them, and a lot of these ladies were actually a lot of fun to talk to.  The bad news is that several of the girls ask you to prepay for dances and some ask if you want a dance without even introducing themselves.  The real reason for this low score, though, is that the Platinum Plus refuses to set dance prices, so you have to ask every single girl what her rates are and then negotiate before getting a dance.  If I'm having a good conversation with a attractive girl and she asks if I want a dance, the last thing that I want to do is look like I'm counting pennies, but it's inevitable that you'll get ripped off if you don't confirm the rates.  In case the club's management is reading this, just make it an even $25 per song with no multiple song discounts.  The girls would make more money and the customers could go with the flow, and everyone would be better off.  I'd gladly pay a few dollars extra for that, and I guarantee that I'm not the only one.    

Value (6/10) – The $6 cover isn't bad and $3.75 beers are solid, but you'll get your change in $2 bills and a few of the girls who got me drinks just pocketed $2.25 as a tip.  That's probably what I would have tipped anyway, but since they didn't even ask, it felt more like an overpriced $6 beer than a $3.75 bargain.  Dance prices are variable, but buying one dance at a time generally isn't a great deal, with most of the girls charging $30 for topless or $40 for nude. The club does at least run periodic two-for-ones, and a lot of girls will give two topless dances for $40 throughout the night so it's not bad if you're patient or buy in bulk.

Dance Setup (2.5/10) – Dances are given in two long narrow rooms with bench/couch hybrids lining the opposing walls.  People in the main part of the club can't really see you, but there's no privacy from other people who are getting dances and, when the club is busy, other people are always getting dances.  During two-for-ones in particular, the dance area gets packed.  The seats themselves aren't overly comfortable, but they're not so bad as to detract from the dance.

Club Setup (9/10) – This is a beautiful club both inside and out. There's a large rectangular stage at one side of the room and a small, circular, cage style stage at the other side of the room.  In case you're unfamiliar with those things, the stage is surrounded by poles that enclose the girl and allow for some very creative dance moves that you won't see at many other clubs.  Like Platinum Plus's other locations, the lighting is perfect, with just enough strobes to light up the girls, but not so much as to be annoying or make things too bright.  The floor can get a little cramped with all of the small tables filling the room, but it does provide plenty of seating, even on weekend evenings.  If you'd rather hang out at the bar, there's a large one in the back of the club, but you can also get beers at the rack as you walk in if you're impatient.

Club Atmosphere (9/10) – This place has a great party vibe but still manages to be inviting for small groups and solo visitors as well.  My only complaint is that the weekend DJ seems to think that you're there to hear him talk, even going so far as to kill the music in the middle of a song to blabber about who-know-what.  It's not just a few seconds of it either; one girl was fully dressed by the time he turned the music back up because the girl and I both assumed that the song was over.  Thankfully, she apologized and hopped back on without any prompting, but the DJ successfully killed the flow.  Strip club DJs need to learn that if they're saying anything more than "right now all lap dances are buy one, get one free" and "that's going to do it for Jade.  Next up to the stage, Destiny," he's talking too much.  

Club Accessibility (4/5) – This club is easy to get to from anywhere in Lexington and they have plenty of parking, with one of the largest strip club parking lots that I've ever seen.

Overall – The Platinum Plus is the best strip club in Lexington.  There are a few places on the north side of town that offer more aggressive lap dances and the Spearmint Rhino is a decent option if you're just passing by on I-75, but this place is the whole package.  If you've been to their Columbia, SC location, it's a very similar experience except these girls are hotter but give much worse dances.  Still, even for a lap dance fiend like me, Platinum Plus Lexington is a guaranteed good time, and I'll be stopping by in the unlikely event that I ever find myself back in the area.

RAW SCORE = 59.5


  1. You should come back!!

  2. This company rates it's DJ's on how much they can's ridiculous. I worked for them for years, and my vocal cords are none the better because of it. They turn over girls like nobodies business, they love to say they're the most entertainer friendly club in the country...yeah that's why when they came to town all the good girls quit (the 9s and 10s you speak of), and you were being generous when you called the current talent 7's, either way cool blog dude.

  3. $40 for full nude? I paid $40 got only a grinding on my leg and tits in my face. I didnt touch her nor did she move her hands from my shoulders. Kinda felt ripped off!

    1. I made the mistake of just going with the flow at a Platinum Plus club one time and had the same experience as you, so now I'm sure to agree to a price and a type of dance beforehand now. In some clubs, you'll look like a cheapskate if you try to negotiate, but it's expected at the Platinum Plus chain.

  4. Why pay $80 for a 10 minute rub around when you can hire an escort for $80 /hh?