Thursday, January 19, 2012

ShowPark Showbar (Prague, Czech Republic)

ShowPark is an adult entertainment complex in the Holesovice section of Prague.  Upstairs is a maze of hallways that’s basically a miniature red light district, and I have the full review of that here.  This review is focused on the downstairs, which is a small strip club. 

Quality of Dances (16.5/20) – Czech girls don’t seem to be trained in the art of the grinding lapdance, but you’ll be happy if you’re looking for either more of less than that.  If you go with the cheaper option, you get full two way contact with a nude dancer on a bed.  They won’t try to finish you off, but that’s not because they’re morally or personally opposed to it – they just want to get another 500 czk out of your wallet.  If they succeed in doing that you can get whatever you want up to and including sex. 

Quality of Dancers (6/10) – There are usually a few very attractive ladies working here, but the majority are a little worn out and are on the low end of what I’ve seen in Prague.  If anything, the ladies are slightly hotter upstairs in the red light windows. 

Number of Dancers (2/10) – I don’t expect too much from such a small club, but they need more than three or four dancers if those three or four dancers are going to be content to sit with the same groups of guys for 30 minutes or longer at a time.  It meant that I was stuck waiting for the majority of my visit, and the stage was frequently empty, so I didn’t even have anything to look at to pass the time. 

Variety of Dancers (0/5) – What little variety you’ll find at ShowPark, you’ll find upstairs, because the ladies in the strip club are thin, white, and slightly boring if you hang out for a while. 

Attitudes (6/10) – Most of these ladies are willing to sit and chat even if you aren’t buying them frequent drinks, which is a fairly rare and very welcomed deviation from the usual situation in Prague.  They don’t push the sale too hard, probably because the prices are low enough that they don’t need to, and they’re just generally pretty friendly.

Value (7.5/10) – There’s no cover for the strip club, beers are a reasonable 100 crowns (about $5 US) and you’re not going to do any better than 1000 crowns for a lap dance or 1500 crowns for sex in a Prague strip club.  My only complaint is that the stage shows are generally a little tame except for the bachelor dance, which involved the bachelor’s dick coming out just before I decided it was time to leave the club.  

Club Setup (3.5/10) – As you can see, this is a small club with a tiny stage, some counter seating and a nice bar in the back.  They also have a door with an unobstructed window to the outside world, through which I took the above picture before they opened for the evening. 

Dance Setup (10/10) – Since most people who purchase the dancers’ services will be fucking, they make sure that the rooms are setup accordingly, Even though I wasn’t going that far, it just doesn’t get any better than a private room with a bed fed for a lap dance. 

Atmosphere (2/10) – The club does everything that it can to make for a party atmospheres, but they just can’t overcome the depressed, creepy vibes given off by the majority of the discount-sex-purchasing crowd.  Basically, I wouldn’t chose to hang out here for an extended period of time, but it’s good enough if you’re just looking for reasonably priced dances or a place to recharge between girls upstairs. 

Location (4/5) – ShowPark is walkable from the Hilton, but since it’s only open at night, you’re probably better off cabbing there for about 200 czk from wherever you happen to be in Prague.  More importantly, it’s just a flight of stairs away from the ShowPark red light windows. 

Overall – ShowPark Stripbar is a decent club if you’re looking for lapdances, but I wouldn’t even consider going through the hassle of getting there unless you’re looking for more than that. Even then the upstairs portion of the ShowPark complex is the real draw, but it’s probably worth stopping by the club if you find yourself in the area during its limited hours of operation.  

RAW SCORE = 57.5


  1. Buddy, I love your blog. As a frequent visitor to Prague, I can tell you that the Prague public transport system is excellent. I dont recommend walking to Showpark, especially at night. Tram 3 from Wencelas Square drops you off right outside Showpark. There's also the Vlatsva metro station close-by. As you said, if you dont want full sex, then Showpark is not for you. I would also add: if you're not ready for paid sex, then PRAGUE is not for you. Its like going to a buffet, and only having an olive.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences.


  2. Your advice is right on the money, except that the public transport does not seem to run into the wee hours(After midnight). I wating a while at both the tram and metro before giving up.I had to walk it back.