Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goldfingers (Prague, Czech Republic)

Quality of Dances (10.5/20) – In Prague, you generally won’t get an extras-free lap dance with lots of grinding – it’s either a full service place, or it’s a nude, two-way contact, grindless dance.  At Goldfingers, it’s the nude, two-way contact, grindless version. I found it to be fairly enjoyable overall, but I really do wish there was some sort of middle ground for customers like me who want to stop just short of fucking for money. 

Quality of Dancers (9.5/10) – The ladies at Goldfingers are among the finest that I’ve ever seen.  A few too many implants and an average age that’s slightly higher than at most of the other clubs in the area prevent them from maxing out this score, but even factoring that in, these ladies are pretty close to perfection.

Number of Dancers (6/10) – There are usually plenty of ladies in the building and most of the stage shows include multiple (up to 4) girls, but it looks less impressive because they don’t work the room all that much, and they disappear to the dressing room if customers aren’t buying them dancer drinks that start at 600 crowns (about $30 US).  Still, since this is primarily a sight-seeing club, it’s nice to be able to see the sights on stage for an extended period of time without seeing any repeat performers. 

Variety of Dancers (0/5) – I don’t have anything against thin white girls, but I like to see a little more variation than Goldfingers offers, because the look can get a little boring when it’s shared by every lady in the place.  Or at least it would get boring if the ladies weren’t quite this stunningly attractive. 

Attitudes (2.5/10) – Normally I’d be frustrated by girls who don’t circulate through the crowd, but since this place relies on selling dancer drinks, it’s actually kindof nice to not have girls constantly approaching.  When the ladies do finally stop by, they’re actually very friendly and don’t give much attitude if you decline to buy them a drink.  They do, of course, leave instantly, but they do that at every club I’ve ever been to in Europe if you’re not buying marked up beverages.  These ladies do generally ask for tips, but, overall, the attitudes aren’t too bad. 

Value (3/10) – You can usually get entry and 5 beers for 300 crowns (about $15 US), which is an amazing deal, but they charged me 450 crowns during my second visit with no drinks included, so I’m not sure what’s going on.  To be safe, you could find one of the guys in the square who get paid to bring people to the club and get them to get you the deal.  Once you’ve used up your ticket, additional beers are a reasonable 90 crowns, and you can take in the excellent stage show for free.  Most of the shows are choreographed and some of them even include lesbian action.  During my first visit, I wrote down that there was a double sided dildo show, but after downing my 5 beers here, my 5 beers across the square at Cabaret Carioca, lots of absinth and some Becherovka, I have no recollection of that.  Maybe it actually happened, but it definitely didn’t during my second trip here.  Either way, just know that the stage shows alone make this place worth visiting.  The actual lap dances are a little overpriced though, with non-contact dances going for 1000 crowns, full-contact dances for 1500 crowns, something called the “pussy galore” (no idea what that is) for 4000 crowns or the champagne room for 8000 crowns (about $400 US). 

Club Setup (7/10) – This is a very classy club spread over two floors, though the upstairs is basically just an empty balcony that overlooks the main stage.  Downstairs, there’s a very nice, large stage in a sunken part of the room, and it’s surrounded by small tables and moveable chairs that have a great view and are perfect for solo customers or groups. 

Dance Setup (5/10) – People in the main part of the club are separated from the dance area by a curtain and there are dividers between each dance bench, but there’s nothing blocking the view of anyone who’s walking by. 

Atmosphere (8/10) – This place has a great party vibe and really feels like it should be in Vegas.  Whether you’re part of a bachelor party or looking to relax and take in the stage show, the atmosphere at Goldfingers is just about perfect.   

Location (5/5) – Goldfingers is beneath the Hotel Ambassador right on Wenceslas Square in central Prague.  It’s within walking distance of most of the hotels in the city, and it’s just seconds away from several other strip clubs. 

Overall –You might ultimately prefer Cabaret Carioca among the sightseeing clubs, but the girls are so hot and the stage shows so impressive, you should plan to stop by Goldfingers at least once during your visit to Prague unless you’re strictly interested in clubs where the girls are willing to fuck. 



  1. Do you post as rocklandman at tuscl? If not, someone is plagiarizing your reviews over there. Thought I'd check before flagging his reviews.

  2. Anonymous,

    I definitely don't post as rocklandman at TUSCL. It appears he has been stealing one of my reviews per month since September. If you could flag his reviews all the way back to Follies, I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks for looking out.


  3. Thanks Peter for this review. Very thorough.
    Looking forward to this one. Sounds a cut above.

    Couple questions:

    #1) I'm a bit confused by your description:
    "Nude, Two-way contact, Grind-less dance"... I'm assuming 'nude' is topless but does 'two-way contact' mean you can touch her tits and ass (or more)? And how could any of that happen without some level of grinding?

    #2) Does Goldfingers or Cabaret Carioca have 'full-service' girls?

    Thanks again.

    1. #1) "Nude" means topless and bottomless, though many of the girls keep the bottoms on for the first half of the dance. "Two way contact" means that the girl will make some contact with you and you're free to touch her tits and ass, but her crotch will almost always be off limits. She'll be sitting on your lap most of the time, but what I mean by "grind-less" is that she won't be using her body to create friction on your dick. That's not to say that there won't be any incidental contact, and she might even rub her hand over your crotch every once in a while, but even guys with the quickest of triggers won't be popping off in here.

      #2) As far as I know, there are no full service girls at Goldfingers or Cabaret Carioca. Due to the dance setup, it seems like it could be possible at Carioca, but I wouldn't go to either club looking for that. If you're looking for extras, go to Carioca or Goldfingers to get worked up, but then head to one of the following clubs. I've posted or will be posting full reviews of all of them elsewhere on the site, so you should read those before you make a decision, but here's a short rundown of the four popular full service places in Prague:

      1. Darling is full of hustlers, but they're amazingly hot. Plus it's just a 2 minute walk from Carioca and Goldfingers.

      2. Atlas has less attractive girls, but they're not as hard on the sale. The tradeoff isn't worth it for me, so I probably wouldn't bother going here, but you might want to keep it in mind since it's right across the street from Darling.

      3. K5 Relax isn't really a traditional strip club, but it's certainly a unique experience. You could walk there from the clubs I mentioned above (I did), but it's probably easier to take a cab.

      4. ShowPark has an upstairs red light area and a downstairs strip club, but all of their girls are available for full service. Their girls aren't the hotest, but they do have the best selection and the lowest prices in town. It's just a short cab ride away from Wenceslas Square.

  4. Thanks for your response Peter, wow, really surprised to hear about touching their tits and asses, never been to a club in the states that allows that. Awesome news, and quite a nice way to get 'worked up' indeed.
    Thanks for the brothel breakdown, very handy.. now I'm properly prepped, Cheers!


  6. Great info, Peter. One day I will travel to Prague.

    To folks that don't think you can touch in the States, you can. Just ask and be nice. 90% of girls I've received lap dances from let me touch their ass, tits, and even a little nipple nibble.

  7. Hello Peter, I think you should see Goldfingers now, I feel now it's different in many ways than in 2012. :) And I'm saying that from my position as GF dancer. ;)