Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cabaret Atlas (Prague, Czech Republic)

This place is a slightly cheaper, slightly more laid back version of Darling Cabaret, but with significantly less attractive dancers.  For me, the tradeoff just isn’t worth it – Darling Cabaret is a much better club, or at least that’s what I wrote down on a napkin while blackout drunk.  I hit this place and Darling back-to-back and confirmed on another night that my Darling scores were accurate (I took detailed notes including category scores while in the clubs), but I didn’t revisit Atlas, so there are still a few holes here.  Do they offer regular dances? If so, are they any good? Are they given in the same rooms that are used for sex? Did I have sex with one of the strippers?  I really couldn’t tell you the answers to any of those questions, but if I had to guess, I’d say yes, pretty good, I hope so, and I hope not, respectively.  I’m not going to try to fake it, though, so I’ll just write my unfiltered notes below, but the bottom line is that Darling Cabaret is a better club if you’re looking for sex, and Cabaret Carioca and Goldfingers are better if you’re looking for a relaxing venue to view some beautiful ladies.  Atlas isn’t a bad club by any means, but there’s really no reason to go there over some of the other Wenceslas Square options.   

Quality of Dances (17/20) – Thought I just paid for more time, but suck and fuck apparently included for 2600 czk.

Quality of Dancers (7.5/10) – Hot. Mostly fit. Noticeable step down from Darling and Goldfingers.

Number of Dancers (6.5/10) – Lots of girls. Many sitting alone waiting for customers. If you want attention, you got it.

Variety of Dancers (1.5/5) – Mostly white, but some of the only black girls in Prague.  All thin.

Attitudes (1/10) – Drink hustle sucks, but not as bad as at Darling.  Decent if you buy drinks.

Value (5/10) – 300 entry, 55 czk draft Budweiser, 2000 czk for 20 minutes, 2600 czk for 30 minutes, about 600czk for dancer drinks, ok stage value

Club Setup (3/10) – Long bar. Several couches, though not facing stage.  Small but nice main stage.  Two smaller stages in corners.  Not great seating for large groups but small groups should be fine.

Dance Setup (10/10) – Private room with closed door.  Oversized bed, shower, toilet and sink all inside room.

Atmosphere (6/10) – More chill and less party than Darling, but still pretty good. 

Location (5/5) – Right across street from Darling, by Wenceslas Square [and, thankfully, right next to my hotel, because there’s no way that I’d have safely made it far that night].

RAW SCORE = 62.5


  1. wow, you must have been lucky with your dance set-up since you got a room with a bed, or perhaps you just payed a little more than I did :)
    I had a private dance in a very small room downstairs where only a chair would be able to fit. On the other hand it was a lot better and more private than at other places where only some see-through curtains separates you from people walking by

  2. The dances are given upstairs, but not where the fucking goes on - there is a separate balcony area for the dancing. If you're sat downstairs and to the right of the stage you can usually see the girls moving around up there whilst entertaining a customer.

    Had a great time here, fucked a bird who said she was 35 (I'm guessing she was around 40 though), she was a monster in the sack, certainly took me by surprise!