Friday, January 11, 2013

Singapore City Guide

You may be surprised to learn that pay-for-play sex is readily available in one of the most conservative law & order cities on earth, but it’s actually very easy to find in Singapore if you know where to look.  I’m not an expert on the Singapore scene (strip clubs are my specialty and Singapore unfortunately doesn’t have any) and you should definitely do some additional research elsewhere if you’re planning a trip, but this is a very brief primer for you if you’re looking for adult entertainment in Singapore. 

There are two areas of primary interest: Geylang and Orchard Towers. 

Geylang is a somewhat run-down part of town with some delicious food and some very cheap sexual entertainment options.  Lorong 2 through Lorong 30 run south from Geylang Road and are home to many Thai, Indonesian and Chinese girls who will offer sex to foreigners for somewhere between $40 to $150.  There are some girls working the streets near the center of the zone, and an offer of sex for somewhere around $70 plus $10 to rent a dumpy room in one of the motels in the area for a very short stay seemed to be about average, though you can certainly find cheaper if you’re willing to browse.  The brothels in the area are slightly more expensive, with prices in the $50-100 range.  The Thai and Indonesian girls are located mostly in the lower half of the Lorongs (2-18) and are generally a little cheaper than the Chinese girls, but all of Geylang is a relative bargain.

If you don’t mind spending more money and waiting until the evening, your other option is the Orchard Towers.  The fact that even the Lonely Planet guide book refers to this as the “Four Floors of Whores” should tell you what to expect here.  It’s basically a shopping center filled with bars that cater to freelancing girls and guys who don’t mind spending somewhere north of $300 to take a girl back to their room.  For the most part, the girls here aren’t that much hotter than the ones in Geylang, but there are usually a few complete stunners working at Ipanema.  They have a little better variety than in Geylang as well, with some white women from Russia and Eastern Europe mixed in with the Thai and Chinese girls. 

Overall, Singapore is a great city, but it shouldn’t make the short list of destinations for any sex tourists.  Still, if you’re there for the shopping, or, better yet, the food (any of the hawker centers are amazing, but Maxwell Road was my go-to spot), you shouldn’t have any problems fitting in some adult entertainment during your stay.


  1. You forgot to post a warning that 70 percent the women at Orchid towers are lady boys or were dudes before they were women. U need to post a stripper checklist so some doesn't have a life-scarring experience. You know like if there hands are huge , brouder wide shoulders....adam apple check...a suspicious voice tone not very feminem...stuff like that. ORCHID IS A GAMBLE.

  2. Hahahahhaha funny... love d comment

  3. 70% is a huge exaggeration. There are a couple of bars, like Crazy Horse that specialize in ladyboys, but overwhelming majority of girls in, say, Ipanema have always been girls. Obviously, use your good judgement, these are freelancers, so buyer beware.