Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Dolls (Dallas, TX)

Quality of Dances (9/20) – You’ll rarely find more variation from one girl to the next than at Baby Dolls.  A good dance here is very good, with most girls being fine with hands on the tits, but a bad dance here is pretty poor and I did witness several girls moving customers’ hands away if they roamed anywhere beyond the hips.  In general, you’ll get at least a weak grind, but I was a little disappointed in the dances overall.

Quality of Dancers (8/10) – The dancers here were a step down from the quality at the Men’s Club down the street, but I thought they were a little bit better than the girls at The Lodge.  If you like overdone implants, you’d probably prefer The Lodge, but either way, the ladies at Baby Dolls are generally very attractive and you shouldn’t have any problem finding a girl that you like.

Number of Dancers (10/10) – I don’t know that I’ve ever seen more girls in a club than at this place.  There were about 5 dancers on the one stage, two on the other, and a ton of girls working the crowd.  I actually may have preferred that they cut down on the number a little bit so that they could have some quality control, but I’ll never complain too much about a club having too many girls, and it’s easy enough to avoid the ones who aren’t your type. 

Variety of Dancers (2.5/5) – Most of the dancers are white, but I did see some Latinas and a few Asians, and there were some ladies with very nice curves.   

Attitudes (2/10) – Most of the girls won’t speak to unfamiliar faces other than to ask if you want a dance.  A few will sit and chat, but this definitely isn’t a place to come for conversation unless you’re a regular.  Since they have so many ladies, though, it’s actually a good thing that they don’t waste too much time chatting so that the next one will have a chance to see if you want a dance.     

Value (7/10) – The $3 cover is a bargain, $5.50 beers aren’t bad, and the $20 dances are reasonable, but the real value comes from just sitting back and watching the stage.  The floor work is decent, you can get reasonably good action at the rail for a few bucks, and there are so many women to look at that you’ll never get bored.   

Club Setup (8/10) – This place is huge.  There’s a very large main stage, 4 satellite sages on the one side and two more stages near the stairs, plus there’s an enormous bar in the center of the club and another on the second floor, and there’s plenty of seating with a mix of small tables, bar seating, and some high top tables. It’s a little rundown, the bar is way too bright and there are no poles on the stages, but the fact that you have a view of so many in-use stages more than makes up for the club’s other shortcomings.

Dance Setup (2/10) – You can get your dances on the second floor in chairs along the wall or you can sit in an area behind the stage where there a bunch of chairs and tables.  Either way, you won’t be obscured from the view of anyone near you except by the back of your chair, but people on the main floor at least won’t be able to see you, though one way glass does allow you to have a view of the main stage if you’re on the first floor. Unfortunately, dances at Baby Dolls are popular, so you’ll always have a lot of people near you while you’re getting yours. 

Atmosphere (8/10) – The DJ is obnoxious and there’s lots of country music, but overall I really liked the atmosphere here.  It’s definitely more of a party than the Men’s Club.  That’s where you go with business partners; this is where you go with your buddies when you’re planning to get rocked. 

Location (4/5) – The best strip clubs in Dallas are all in this area to the northwest of the city, so you’ll be near some other options if you stop by and don’t see any girls who interest you.   More importantly, Baby Dolls is within walking distance of several hotels and a Waffle House, both of which are necessities if you’re planning to drink anywhere near as much as I did.

Overall  - This is an excellent club overall, though the mediocre lap dances mean that I’m not going to be in a huge hurry to return.  Still, given the huge number of attractive girls and the party vibe, I don’t think anyone could have a bad time at Baby Dolls. 

RAW SCORE = 60.5


  1. I was in this club a year or so ago and the dances were much more hands on, even upstairs along the wall at the little tables. I was told that as of late the management has cracked down on the level of mutual touching. That's a shame because I spent 2-3 hours one afternoon in BD's and it was one of my better SC memories.

  2. how did the asians look in here?

    1. There weren't a whole lot of Asians there when I stopped by, but the ones who were there were very attractive.

  3. Is it worth it, in my opinion. Obviously every real guy would want some bed action from the babe, in my opinion. They are human just like us guys, in my opinion. So from experience in bed with them, in my opinion, I would say “no”, beyond the bar action, in my opinion. Just go there enjoy them and leave them and their problems behind, in my opinion. Fake boobs, mean no touch in bed and they worry they might have to go back to Doc’s Office and get it fixed and that means more med bills, in my opinion. And do they last more than 10 minutes, in my opinion, “no”, again. Even with a real stud, in my opinion, they might like it but they just do not last, a flat tire – I guess and in my opinion. So in my opinion, just go there and enjoy it and leave it and them behind, in my opinion. If they want to chase after you then look above and know what is chasing after you, in my opinion. OK the single bars have a lot of dogs, in my opinion, and to go to this place is a way to get away from that disappointment, in my opinion. So enjoy your visit in my opinion.

  4. You obviously havnt had a dance from me. Lol..