Monday, February 28, 2011

Elan's of Danbury (Danbury, CT)

Quality of Dances (7/20) – These are your run of the mill, mediocre lap dances. The girls don't mind if you touch their legs and most of them provide some moderate friction, but I've never walked away from a dance here thinking, "that was totally worth $25."

Quality of Dancers (7.5/10) – I don't get to Danbury often, so my sample size is fairly small, but most of the girls that I've seen here have been surprisingly hot and all of them have been at least decent. A lot of them are in their late 20s, so you might be disappointed if you're into the barely legal types, but I'll take a hot 29 year old over a busted 22 year old anyday.

Number of Dancers (6/10) – There were well over a dozen women working in the early evening, which worked out to about a 1-to-1 dancer-to-customer ratio. The ratio was lower when I visited later at night, but there were still plenty of attractive ladies to chose from.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (4/5) – I've found a nice mix of races and nationalities at Elan's, with black girls, white girls, Asian girls, American girls and Russian girls in the mix. Most customers will probably appreciate that these girls are all fairly fit, but it might not be ideal for you if you're into thick chicks or are looking for something to grab onto during a lap dance. I guess that doesn't really matter too much though since two-way contact during the dances is too limited to allow for much grabbing anyway.

Attitude of Dancers (3/10) – The attitudes at Elan's aren't terrible, but some of the ladies seem to be a little stuck up and they don't circulate as much as they should. Plus they lose another point because one dancer cut me off in the parking lot and gave me the finger. Ladies, be on your best behavior at all times, because you never know when you're in Peter's presence.

Value (3.5/10) – No individual aspect of this club is terribly overpriced, but everything is on the high side, with $25 dances, a $10 cover after 7, $4.50 beers and a fairly mediocre stage show.

Dance Setup (1/10) – Dances are given in the same chairs that they have elsewhere in club and there's absolutely no privacy from other dancers/dancees or anyone else in the place. The one row of chairs along the right-side wall at least faces away from most of the club, but that's still pretty bad. Making matters even worse is the fact that this whole place is way too bright, so it's even easier than it would otherwise be for any voyeurs to watch.

Club Setup (6/10) – They have a large bar with a very low stage several feet away inside, another small stage and the main stage which they only use when they're busy. That's all fine, and they do have reasonably comfortable chairs throughout the club, but the tiny tables suck if you're here with a group. Thankfully, they at least have two or three slightly better tables in the back.

Club Atmosphere (7/10) – The crowd is usually pretty decent and this place just generally has a solid vibe. It's not at all threatening and is definitely somewhere that I'd consider hosting a bachelor party if any members of the bride-to-be's family were going to be in attendance.

Club Accessibility (2.5/5) – Elan's of Danbury is, unsurprisingly, not far from Danbury, but it's not particularly close to anything else of note. I don't think there's any type of mass transit in the area, so you'll need to drive to get here, but at least they do have more than enough parking if you can manage to steer around the crazy angry strippers in the lot.

Overall – This place is better than I expected, but it's a little on the upscale side for my tastes. The atmosphere makes it perfect for business meetings or outings with the girlfriend, but the mediocre dances and the lack of privacy mean that degenerates like me would be better off saving the cash for a shadier club.



  1. the owner is a little short pork chop with a big attitude. If you want a better club go to beamers in stamford. Quality girls good drinks nice dancers

  2. This place sucks bad! The stupid pole is behind the bar and then the girls walk from dude to dude giving a quick hello and a fake smile and put their hand out like they are passing the donation plate at a church service. There are a bunch of meathead regular customers that most girls sit with at the bar. Guys do yourself a huge favor and avoid this ripoff joint with their way overpriced drinks and awful $25 dances. They are trying to be a classy joint but it ain't workin at all! Save your money for the good places, I know i will for now on. First and last time I'm goin there for sure. Don't make the mistake that I did!!

    1. I totally agree with you.... This place sucks! It's sad bcuz I live like 10minutes away. Now I've been going to Mystique in Bridgeport where the girls here I think are hotter and way much nicer. The dances are totally worth it for $20. The girls here allow me to touch rub their boobs but not the nipple part bcuz they have these sticker like patches covering the nipples. They're constantly moving around guy to guy so you always have a girl with you. Ad soon 1 leaves u a different 1 comes right up 2 u. The drinks are over priced like everywhere. The girls here are more active on the pole unlike Elans where they just rub their ass's up and down the pole or stand there like a stiff and looks like they're gonna cry or something. Mystique has an adult film or pornstar come to entertain once per month which is a plus. You must come and check out Mystique!! It's by far my most favorite gentlemens club in the area. Something to add... The parking here sucks, but don't let it stop u from come in. I get to mystique by 7pm and find a decent parking space. If you get there after 8pm there's no parking and you have to find a spot along the road which is always full. Then good luck finding a spot to park very expensive car. Get there early and you'll won't be disappointed and be a happy man when you leave.

    2. Yeah that's the same experience I had. Most of the girls disappear into the back after collecting a dollar form you. Its generally an unwelcoming atmosphere.

    3. Prostitution is the clubs goal. George and Al pay the Danbury police to let the immigrants make sex money in the club...