Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gin Dee's (West Haven, CT)

Quality of Dances (5.5/20) – The girls make some contact with customers and a halfhearted grind is pretty standard, but two way contact is not encouraged.  No one has protested when I've put my hands on their legs, but I don't get the impression that anything beyond that is tolerated with most of these girls.

Quality of Dancers (2.5/10) – I feel bad being too harsh here because the bright lighting makes the flaws more visible than they'd be most places, but either way, there are plenty of flaws here.  I know that some guys are into tattooed chicks, but there's way too much ink in here for my tastes, and a lot of the girls just look generally sloppy.

Number of Dancers (3/10) – They've had less than a half dozen girls dancing every time I've been there, though I'm pleased to say that hasn't been all that often. Still, there aren't a whole lot of customers so the ratio isn't too bad.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (2/5) – They have about an equal number of black and white dancers with every size from meth addict thin to borderline-obese represented.  If it weren't for the fact that most of the variety is just variations of ugly, this score would be at least a point higher.

Attitude of Dancers (6/10) – Most of these girls are reasonably friendly and they really spend a lot of time chatting with the regulars, even if no one is spending money.  That would usually annoy me since I'm not a regular, but for the most part, I'm just thankful that other guys have kept these ladies away from me.

Value (4/10) – The $5 cover, $4 domestic beers and stage value aren't too bad, especially since a lot of the girls flash the puss on stage despite it only being a topless club.  The dances are where they lose it though, since they charge $25 even though the service isn't worth half that.

Dance Setup (1/10) – Dances are given in a small area towards the back of the club where there are four horribly uncomfortable chairs.  That wouldn't be so bad, but they face towards each other, there are no barriers and there are mirrors on both sides, so it's almost impossible not to watch everyone else get dances. The only positive is that people at the bar can't see you.

Club Setup (2/10) – This place is a lot bigger on the inside that you'd realize from driving by, but they really don't need or make use of all of the space that they've got.  The stage in particular is needlessly large, with no more than one girl dancing (or wiggling, as the case may be) at a time. I guess the draw is the large bar and the pool tables, but just like with girls, you see all the flaws in this place thanks to the bright lighting.

Club Atmosphere (1/10) – The crowd can be a little shady and this place is just generally depressing, but it's not as bad it would be if it were darker.  It really is a catch 22 for them though - turn up the lights and the girls look like shit, or turn down the lights and depress the hell out of everyone.

Club Accessibility (2/5) - Gin Dee's isn't far from New Haven and they have plenty of parking, but you're going to have to drive to get there.

Overall – There are some bad clubs in and around New Haven, but Gin Dee's is probably the worst of them. If you're in the area and are desperate to go to a club, you're much better off driving the 10 minutes down I-95 to Keepers in Milford or heading into New Haven to the Crazy Horse.



  1. wow.. you really go into detail with these clubs - the girls, the management, the ambience - the lot!!

    If you ever come to the UK, me and the girls will treat you like a KING....

    Thanks for the tweet follow, check out my blog on lapdancing - its from a totally different angle to yours, natch..

  2. Your wrong about verything there. then dont go there stay home, an enjoy your worthless life

  3. I am the new manager at Gin Dees....I would like you to come in , in about 6 months and give us a new review, as I am using your review and a few others as basis for some changes I am making

    1. It's great to see a club taking the criticism constructively. I'll try to stop by in a few months, but feel free to remind me if I forget. Good luck.

  4. I agree Peter tips...very poor service here. I won't repeat. Lap dance quality was very poor