Sunday, October 2, 2011

Divas (Lexington, KY)

Quality of Dances (14/20) – These are probably the best lap dances in Lexington.  Two way contact is usually encouraged and most of the girls provide a solid grind, especially if you go for the nude dances.  I wasn't directly offered any extras, but the enthusiastic over-the-pants mouth bobbing made me assume that they'd be available from at least some of the girls.  And when I say "enthusiastic," I really mean it.  I even had to force one of the girls to stop because her saliva was starting to soak through my pants.

Quality of Dancers (2.5/10) – These ladies are a step up from what you'd find at Camelot West, but they're several steps down from what you'd find at most of the other local clubs. You might be more impressed than I was if you're into ink, but, even then, there was only one really hot dancer working while I was there.  Other than her, there were a few girls who would come out toward the middle of the civilian scale, but most of these dancers were just plain sloppy.

Number of Dancers (2/10) – I saw around a half dozen dancers working at prime club time on a Saturday night.  That would be pretty bad anyway, but since the quality is so low, you're really going to have to be patient if you want the attention of an attractive dancer.

Variety/Diversity of Dancers (1.5/5) - Like most other Lexington clubs, there are one or two black dancers mixed in with the primarily white workforce.  The real variety comes from the size of the girls, but they don't get much credit for that since the larger girls weren't the good kind of thick.  Chubby chasers are in luck though.  

Attitude of Dancers (2.5/10) – The few girls who don't spend most of their time in the dressing room work the crowd so hard that it can be tough to get away from them. The self-described queen of the place (a large African American dancer who brags about her porn films) is particularly aggressive. She basically won't leave you alone until you either buys some dances or leave.  I think the problem may be that they get a lot of cheap customers, so they keep their defences up until you prove that you have a few dollars to spend.  A customer shouldn't need to prove themselves in a service establishment, but at least you know that the girl will likely be friendly once you buy a dance if you can deal with the pre-dance attitudes for long enough to get to that point.

Value (6.5/10) – If you're looking to stretch your dollars, Divas is a good place to do it.  The cover and beers are a bargain at $5 and $3.75, respectively, and dances are a solid value.  I don't think that you can buy a single dance, but the two topless dances will run you $30 and two nude dances go for $50.  I rarely pay a premium for nude dances, but it's totally worth it here because it allows you to get an infinitely better dance setup.

Dance Setup (7.5/10) –  Since nude dances are reasonably priced, I'm going to base this score on the nude dance setup, which is very solid.  You get your own booth with a comfortable couch and a mirror so that you can check out both sides of your dancer, and a curtain ensures that no one else will be able to see what you're up to.  If you stick to the topless dances, though, the setup wouldn't deserve more than a point or two.  Those dances are given on four shitty couches in a dingy room in the back of the club where there's no privacy from other dancers and dancees, but at least people on the main floor of the club can't see you.

Club Setup (1.5/10) – Divas is not a nice club.  There are plenty of small tables and rolly chairs throughout the room and there's a fairly large bar off to the side, but there's a lot of unused space that makes the place feel empty.  Plus it's unusually smokey and just generally smells bad.  The stage is medium sized and has two poles on it, but only one girl dances at a time except during the bachelor party shows, which are really just an excuse for the dj to act even more obnoxious than usual.

Club Atmosphere (1/10) – Divas seems to be relatively safe for such a run down club, but it's a fairly depressing place to hang out.  The stage action is mediocre except when a bachelor gets called up for a show, the cashier at the door asks for tips and the waitress just angrily glared at customers the entire time that I was there, but the worst part, by far, is the dj.  His constant yapping would have been annoying even in a busy club, but it just seemed pathetic since Divas was dead while I was there.  Strip club djs are kind of like referees in that, if you notice them, they're doing something wrong.  And this guy made Bennett Salvatore seem inconspicuous.

Club Accessibility (3.5/5) – Divas has plenty of parking and is right down the street from Cowboys and Deja Vu, so there's no need to commit to spending your whole evening there.

Overall –  Extras are more likely at Camelot West, but the lap dances at Divas are the most consistently good dances that you'll find in the area.  That isn't enough to make up for its other shortcomings, but it does mean that it could be worth keeping in mind if it's starting to get late and you aren't finding the kind of lap dances that you're looking for elsewhere.

RAW SCORE = 42.5


  1. Was there any girls that could work the pole ? And do u have a name for the hottest ones so I can look them up?

  2. The stage show was fairly mediocre, but a few of the girls showed real promise during the bachelor party show, so I think it's more of a problem of motivation than ability. If people are tipping a decent amount, I'm sure that at least some of the girls will display good pole moves.

  3. I think you need to revisit this club been there three times club is laid back, as a nice feel, and there were hot girls there every time. The dances are awesome 15 minutes for $80 is unbeatable especially with the quality of girls I was seeing. I think this club has the best bang for the buck of any I have seen in the country.

  4. Have you, or anyone else, been here lately? I went back in Nov, 2011 and had a pretty decent time. I got a dance from a girl named Lola(?). I asked what the $50 option got me. Let's just say she was a very hands-on dancer.

  5. "Hi, I'm Juicy," says the so-called "queen" as she drapes her very thick leg across your lap, and it's all downhill from there. They need to put up a sign outside to warn people away if this pest is working. The good news is that, whatever their other flaws may be, the other Lexington clubs are Juicy-free.