Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adelita Bar (Tijuana, Mexico)

Quality of Dances (0/20) – There are no lapdances at Adelita  The thought is that no one would want to get a dance from a girl when they could just as easily bang them in the motel upstairs and, for the most part, they’re probably right.  Having said that, there are plenty of guys who love dances but draw the line somewhere short of fucking a Tijuana hooker and there are other guys who would be willing to pay $20 as a warmup for the real action, so I was disappointed by this.   A lot of the ladies rub your crotch, some hop on your lap for the sales pitch and one even offered to dance for me if I paid her the going rate for fucking, but I’m not counting any of that as lapdances.   

If you’re looking for sex, though, you’re in luck.  Once you find a girl you like, you offer her $60 and she’ll take you to the motel upstairs for a bj and sex (both with a condom).  You can probably negotiate anal or a bareback blowjob with some of the girls if you’re willing to drop some extra cash, but I can’t imagine coming here so often that you’re bored by the straightforward options.  They aren’t allowed to have the rooms right in the club, so you have to take a few steps outside of the front door of the club, then you go right up the stairs to a room with a bed, a shower and a toilet.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s good enough for what you need, and it’s surprisingly clean.  The half hour time limit is strictly enforced by the motel employees, so you shouldn’t waste too much time getting down to business if you’ve got some stamina, but the actual sex if going to be as good as the girl you chose.  If you invest some time into looking around the club and finding a girl who you have at least a little chemistry with, you should not be disappointed.

Quality of Dancers (8/10) – There are some stunning Mexican dancers at Adelita, but I find them to be a slight step down from what I've seen at Hong Kong.  There are a few more implants and the average age is a little older here, but it would still take a very demanding customer to not be impressed by the overall talent level and in awe of a few of the ladies.

Number of Dancers (9/10) – There are usually around 3-5 ladies dancing at a time, and the room is always filled with ladies working the crowd.  The place was packed with customers, but there were still more than enough dancers to keep everyone satisfied.

Variety of Dancers (2/5) – The ages range from barely legal to late 30’s, there are plenty of natural and fake tits, they’ve got dark skinned and light skinned ladies and several of the dancers have dyed blond hair, but if you don’t like Mexicans, you’re SOL.  Fortunately for me, I love Mexicans.   

Attitudes (4.5/10) – There can be a bit of a language barrier here if you don’t speak Spanish, but I did find that it seemed to be less of an issue at Adelita than at Hong Kong, probably due in part to their ages. More of the Adelita dancers have been around since back when Americans regularly came down to Tijuana to party, but the early 20’s crowd has never had that, so they’ve never had a real reason to pick up English.  If you can manage to understand them, they’re all very friendly and and make lots of generous promises that I’m sure most of them keep.

Value (10/10) – There’s no cover, ice cold Sol is $3.25 and you can basically do whatever you want at the stage for a buck.  Want to show appreciation for the show? A dollar.  Grab a tit? A dollar.  Insert a finger?  A dollar.  Lick some puss?  A dollar, though you might want to save your cash for some antibiotics if eating out a Tijuana prostitute sounds like a good idea to you.  For the price of a $7 lady beer, you can have someone join you at your table, and most of them will sit on your lap or rub your crotch while they down their beer. If you’re looking to actually bang these ladies, the going rate is $60 to the girl plus an additional total of around $15 for the room, the robe for the girl to cover up while you take the two steps to the motel, and the guys who straighten up the sheets when you’re done. 

Club Setup (7/10) – There’s just one large room to Adelita.  There’s a long bar off to the right when you walk in, several stages throughout the room, booths around the outer walls and some additional booths closer to the stages.   The lighting is good and it’s just generally a nice setup to check out the ladies whether or not you plan on doing anything else with them. 

Dance Setup (0/10) – No dances equals no dance setup. 

Atmosphere (6/10) – It’s a little more laidback than the party over at Hong Kong, but it’s still clear that everyone is here to have a good time.  Their security staff supposedly looks out for Americans to make sure that you aren't drawing the wrong type of attention, but the fact that you can never fully let your guard down knocks this score down a little from what would otherwise be a 9/10.  

Location (0/5) – Park on the U.S. side of the border, walk across and take a taxi to Adelita for $5.  The driver will try to convince you that other clubs are better because other clubs pay a better kickback, but stick to your guns – Adelita Bar and Hong Kong are the only clubs you should consider.  Luckily, they’re only a half block away from each other, so you can always check them both out before dropping any real money.  If your only knowledge of Tijuana comes from sensationalist U.S. news stories, you might be a little nervous about heading to this club, but you should be fine if you stay aware of your surroundings and get the hell back to the border if anything seems off, particularly if you keep your visit to daylight hours. Still, the need to cross the border to go to Adelita makes it impossible for me to give them any points for location. 


Overall = Adelita is a good but not great strip club.  It can’t hurt to peek your head in if you’re at Hong Kong anyway, but it’s really not worth going to Tijuana strictly for Adelita if you’re truly just looking to do some sightseeing.  Having said that, it’s an excellent brothel, so it’s worth the effort to get here if you're planning to take full advantage of their services. 


  1. I fuckin loved it gotta bring my boys from around the way with me next time!! Every man needs to experience tht ! I'm not a pussy like others I'm implant friendly n they were all beautiful for "Mexicans" if u ask me!!

  2. Yaneth. She has the best big natural tits and loves big cock. Especially thick cock. Always stands by the row by the far wall. Loves Italian cock.

    1. I see it has been two years since you made this comment. Do you think she is still there. Have you seen her lately? Would like to meet. Are you Italian? How many times were you with her. She is really good?

  3. how much they charge for lap dances?

  4. Good Spot haven't been a year don't lesson to haters its still a good spot Hong Kong also but last time I went seem to be a few thugs in the but I'm a vet I no what an what not to do be aware out there in your not from there

  5. first time tomorrow. anything i should be aware of?

    1. If you've read my review, you should be good to go. Just make sure that you aren't afraid to take your time to pick the right girl or to scope out the talent a few doors down at Hong Kong. I know some guys are hesitant to be too picky at some clubs because you can get ignored if the girls see you shoot down the first few, but that shouldn't be a concern at Adelita or Hong Kong.

  6. You said before that the age and size varies here. I'm into a pretty thin girl here and there, but like the love handles as well. I'm also more of a 'my age or younger' guy and I have a couple buddies that prefer older and some that prefer the ones that could pass as legal. Would you say the 3 of us would have a good variety to pick from Adelita's or even HK?

  7. Going tmw havnt been in 3yrs what should i expect??

  8. Ive been going to agelita bar and hh club for the past 9 years, and Ill tell u that every man needs to go!!!!!

  9. How likely are you to catch something? Std His Aids etc?

  10. Do the strip dancers are clean of any STDs and HIV ??

  11. plenty big time bang bang fun,
    my thick snake they yum,
    spew chunks of viscus cum,

    ora ley i say , my lucky day,

    * love them all , long time , me so horney,

  12. my very favorit adalita`s bar !
    mostly no none-sence paid sex !
    you got to love it .
    where a man is a man and no cock blockers at all.

    adalita`a heven on earth !
    superior to all the other whore houses in t.j.

    drop a load and leave ,oh so nice .

    keep your wits about your self and use condums.

  13. How young are the youngest ones

  14. Adelita's is much more straightforward than Hong Kong. At HK, it often seems that half the girls aren't into connecting . . . avoiding eye contact etc. Of course, the other half are. The drink service is much pushier and I always find it more confusing and noisy. Fun to cruise through both Adelita and HK and then deciding. The ultimate Toy Store.

  15. Be there, done that! Finer quality Hong Kong's...take your time and fuck like crazy

  16. How long did it take to get back into the U.S?

  17. it is fun place will well guarded most ladies will not even do anything with out protection I don't blame them most of them are their to make a living safely or don't take that ride.

  18. over all the A-B scene is good.

    however i never ever could get two girls up to my room and sandwitch me.

    the very young and pretty girls get arrogant thats a fact.

    it still beats the U.S.A. on all counts.

  19. I have been Adelitas back in the late 1990s (single) and then recently due to "changes" I went back in April 2016 and June 2016, going back in July 2016, but will try HK Club this time first.

    Back in the 1990s, it was a dive, but you were not there for the "interior" - the regular girls were $40, the uber hot girls were $60. - Today in 2016 $60 is the starting price for a decent girl.

    The Bar and Hotel were 100% rennovated, and a vast improvment over what they had back in the late 1990s.

    I can't wait to give HK a try, never tried it before, not even sure it existed back in the 1990s when me and my buddies went to Adelitas.

    I recommend you cast aside the BS propaganda of the 2000s - I didn't feel "un-safe" in TJ, but I also kept my eyes open, didn't drink too much, and didn't get "stupid" - good rules of thumb regardless.

    Have fun!

  20. why does anyone want a lap dance when penetration is a small payment away.

    fast easy sex - no commitment - heaven - a quick jizz - load away .