Monday, February 20, 2012

Rio Strip Bar (Prague, Czech Republic)

Quality of Dances (10/20) – The dances at Rio are about standard for the sex-free Prague clubs – the girls get naked and allow full two-way contact, but don’t grind much at all.  These dances are a little less enjoyable than at the other places, though, because you have to spend the entire time shooting down the dancers’ requests for you to buy more time.  Don’t fall for it. In my drunken stupor, I allowed myself to be talked into getting an “erotic massage,” which ended up just being a longer version of the lapdances except that the girl covered herself in lotion and I rubbed in in for a few seconds.  I guess that’s somewhat erotic, but it was definitely no massage. 

Quality of Dancers (7/10) – I don’t think you’ll ever find unattractive girls in Prague, in or our of the strip clubs, but these ladies are a step below those in the other Wenceslas Square area clubs.

Number of Dancers (3.5/10) – This is a small club, so even though there isn’t a huge number of dancers, there’s plenty to ensure that you’re accompanied and/or harassed throughout your visit. 

Variety of Dancers (0/5) – As in most of the other Prague clubs, there isn’t a whole lot of racial or body type diversity at Rio.  You better like your ladies white and thin, because that’s all they’ve got.

Attitudes (0/10) – The hustle is off the charts in here. It’s obvious that they’re relying on ripping off a new set of tourists each night rather than cultivating repeat business, because they’re constantly trying to sell you the next dance (even if you’ve just started your first dance) and the next drink (even if you’ve just bought them one).  It’s especially bad since, unlike at the other Prague clubs, the lady drink prices are not clearly displayed and they will not tell you the prices unless you ask, so drunken visitors who don’t know any better get quite a shock when the bill comes. 

Value (0.5/10) – The prices are all about what you’d expect for a tourist trap strip club.  The 500 czk (about $25 US) cover charge is good for 2 shots, the stage value is ok, and beers are 150 czk each, but the dances are outrageously priced, with the cheapest option going for 1650 czk and the “erotic massage” being 2500 czk.  For comparison, you can get laid for less than that at several of the Prague clubs.  When you add in the fact that they’re constantly trying to hustle you and you’re not going to be in the best of mental states for fighting off the hustle, this ends up being the last place I’d go if I were trying to stretch a dollar.  Though, truthfully, it’s the last place I’d go no matter what I was trying to do.  

Club Setup (2/10) – Rio is a tiny club with a main room that has some chairs and a few couches around a small stage and a separate bar area in the back. Even with mirrored walls to make it seem larger than it is, it’s still claustrophobic. The seating is fairly limited, so you might end up sitting with other groups, but all the hustling means there’s enough turnover that you shouldn’t be stuck with them for too long.   

Dance Setup (10/10) – You get a private room for dances, so I don’t have any complaints here.  I believe that each dance room is a little different, but they all have chairs or couches and at least some of them have mirrored walls so you can view your girl from different angles.  You really can’t get a better dance setup than this. 

Atmosphere (2/10) – There’s actually a bit of a party vibe in here, surely aided by all the drunken bachelor partiers who haven’t yet realized that their tab will be for 10s of thousands of Czech crowns, but having to be on guard for scams is no way for the informed strip club goer to party or relax.

Location (5/5) – Rio is in the main alley that runs from Wenceslas Square to the Old Town Square.  It’s tourist central, which might make you tempted to poke your head inside, but remember that there are a half dozen better clubs within a five minute walk of here.

Overall – Rio is a tourist trap that preys on uninformed and inebriated foreigners.  I can’t speak to the inebriated part, but you’re no longer uninformed, so do not go here.



  1. We've been there with my friend and it was total rip of. Girls forced us to go up and that was talks only (not even naked) for 10000 per hour for each of us. At the end when we spent more than 130000 for one evening without sex we've been out of cash and host called us cheap for not giving her asked tips on top of 500 another drink we've been forced again. Excuse from manager was - we already closed, so no complaints to service. Girls were nice and chat was good, no complaints, but management is awful - they really don't want to see you again.

  2. I really must disagree with you. I find it to be a quite nice place, but with one or two annoying girls. Surely you must understand that going to a strip club will cost you money and part of their job is to try to rip you off. It's part of the game. Don't try telling me that this is the only strip club in the World thats main objective is to come over the guests money in an efficient way. Were you born on the barn yard??

    1. Part of their job is to separate you from as much of your money as possible, but they'll try to make sure that you have a good time and get some value for your money so that you'll return at a good club. That isn't the case at Rio at all. Of the several hundred clubs that I've visited across over a dozen countries on three continents, Rio is quite possibly the biggest scam joint. Even if you inexplicably don't mind being ripped off, there are so many good clubs in Prague that there's no reason to ever go to Rio.

  3. Never go to this club!!! Big warning they rip all ur money off

  4. We went there on my stag do in August, they ripped my best man off for the sum of £9,000, they used his card whilst he was in the hot tub. And no he didn't get laid. Beware of this club, many better ones in Prague.


  6. Don't go here. I made one 250 Euro charge that ended up being two charges adding up to 2000 euro

  7. I was happy with the lap dance I got here - beautiful, friendly and enthusiastic girl (although only one of a few out of about 15 in the club that I was interested in). One of my drunk friends was duped into buying three drinks for the girls and his dance wasn't long enough. The third guy in our group just talked to a girl for a long time without doing anything - that girl was pissed when we left and took it out on me going out the door (I caught her walking behind pretending to give me the boot). I wouldn't go back - went to Hot Peppers the next night and was happier.

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  9. your better off not going to this club, AVOID,


    And now I will explain what was going on there. At first a man on the street (Old Town Square) made us (me and my friend) an offered to go to this strip club. He explained, the sex is also possible. We had vacations on that day and wanted to have some fun. So we went to that club which was fully empty (but it is OK, it was about 4 o'clock AM). After we arrived and payed 4€ entrance each, we only got some cheap wodka. The man on the street told us, we can choose some DRINKs. Drink and vodka - there is difference. After that one girl came to us and offered private show/massage. I asked about sex and she told, that is possible for 40€ for 20mins. I did not want to spend more money. So I went with one girl to a small room, which was uncomfortable. The seats didn`t allow to sit relaxed and the ambience was not pleasant. So we started. The girl was cheap imitation of a sexy masseur. She put some cheap cream on my penis and she got started. She jerked my penis like if she was washing a 100 years old bath. It was not exciting. Sometimes she told "ah, ah" and suddenly stopped. I got more and more impression that is a bad dream, because she played her excitement too bad! And sometimes she told "massage, massage"! I quote! And that is all! For this you pay 40€. After that I told her I am really disappointed and that I can get a good sex on Vinohrandska street for 40€. She promised me to meet us next day and to compensate my disappointment, but that was only another lie.

    Worser was with my friend. He is French and he do not speak English, Russian or Czech. Me do. So I had some advantages because I could negotiate the price and other conditions. He not. So after I negotiated 1000CZK for 20mins, I went with a girl to that private room and he stayed outside. I told him that he should demand the same conditions. The other two girls promised him he will get everything he WANTS and asked for that 100€. He paid and got the same service like me - see the description on the top. After the end he came shocked to me and told - "man, I did not get nothing!" So I started to discuss with a bar keeper why he paid so much. And why they lied to him. She just told to us, we expect too much and that those are normal prices. Then I asked, he had two girls and we arranged the price at 40€/20mins, so for two girls 80€/20mins. Where are the other 20€??? She just told, the exchange ration in a stripbar is much lower. So 2000CZK for 100€. That is the rate 20CZK per 1€. In the street exchange that is 26CZK per 1€. I just told you are kidding us.

    After that one girl promised him the same like to me. That we will meet us afterwards. But nothing happened then.

    We were really disappointed after this theatre. We loosed our money (but the funny thing is, we won later 50€ in a casino) and did not got NOTHING except of we could touch their attention if you are a tourist in Prague. You know, I did not pay attention, cause I wanted just to relax and not to think about all the possibilities of a deception that can occur!

    ENJOY Prague, that is great city! Pay attention on cheaters on the street who promise you a lot of things!

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