Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ruby's II (Bridgeport, CT)

Quality of Dances (13/20) - The dances are nude and the girls make decent contact with you and most of them are fine with varying degrees of 2 way contact. There are big signs all over the club saying "No physical contact with the dancers," so you probably shouldn't assume that it's okay to grab a handful of titty, but I haven't found a girl here who seemed to mind when my hands slowly moved in that general direction. Some of these girls indicate that they'll get the job done if you stick around for several songs, but I've never gotten a dance from a girl hot enough to tempt me to take them up on those offers.

Quality of Dancers (4.5/10) - A lot of these ladies are on the older side, and you really won't find many stunning dancers here, but the majority of white girls are fairly attractive in a girl-next-door sort of way. Many of the Latinas are a little more sloppy, but they're still Latinas, so you know I won't complain too much.

Number of Dancers (4/10) - There are a decent number of girls here during peak hours on peak days, but any time other than that and it can be a little sparse. By closing time on weekends, it's really thinned out. I can understand that at clubs that close at 3 am, but there's really no excuse for girls to leave early when the club closes at 1. And early in the week, it's pretty bad regardless of what time you go.

Variety/Diversity of dDancers (3/5) - You'll find plenty of white girls and Brazilians, but there's a surprising lack of black dancers given the location.

Attitude of Dancers (7.5/10) - The girls should be more interested in getting people to get dances, but they were all friendly once I got their attention and I've never seen women look so appreciative for even small tips. You're pretty much guaranteed to get a face full of tits if you sit at the stage, and one time when I put a single on the stage and walked away, you'd have thought Nelly had just slid his credit card through the girl's ass.

Value (6/10) - $5 cover and $20 dances seem to be slightly less than at most clubs in the area, and it's BYOB with a small fee for them to hold onto your drinks. If you're just passing through town, and I hope for your sake that you are, BYOB doesn't really help that much. The signs say there's a 3 drink minimum, but that doesn't seem to be strictly enforced.

Dance Setup (2.5/10) - There are booths, but they're made of lattice fencing, so they're basically useless. Anyone who is in this part of the club can see right in.

Club Setup (3.5/10) - There's a large bar in one section, a fairly small stage in the next section, and a few pool tables near the far wall. Even though they need more seats in the stage section of the club, this place seems like it could have been pretty decent at some point. Unfortunately, it's pretty run down now.

Club Atmosphere (1/10) - Ruby's is definitely more bar than gentleman's club, which is a problem since they don't serve alcohol. And the Hell's Angels at the bar, the tough guys standing by the pool tables, the country music, and the signs saying "If you're not drinking, you're loitering" don't really add to the atmosphere.

Club Accessibility (1/5) - I can't imagine anyone wanting to stay in this area for long, but it is easily accessible from I-95. The neighborhood isn't great, but it's not terrible and they have a private parking lot where your car should be safe.

Overall - I've been told that you can have a lot of fun with a few of the girls here, and there are plenty of people who really like this place - I'm just not one of them. It might be a decent option if you're looking for a Bridgeport club that's a compromise between the places with really tame lap dances (Scruples) and the places that are ridiculously shady (Bishop's Corner), but a club really has to blow me away to make up for a lack of alcohol, and Ruby's II doesn't.



  1. While most of what you say is correct. I love this place. It is a unique mix of strip club and home town bar. The women don't put on airs, and are very down to earth.

  2. Its the "Cheer's" of Strip Clubs. Customers know each other and have their own seat. I wish there were more white girls there instead of the Brazilians. But it is a great place, a good place to go to too release stress! They always have girls there, the least amount a saw was eight. Other clubs charge you a cover charge and there are no girls dancing.

  3. This club is great. Everyone there is really nice, management is laid back and they just got two hot black girls working there (Kara and Jenna). Kara gave me a few really hot dances, I'm definitely going back for more. I ended up spending $200 on dances just with her and it was definitely worth it. I love that girl.

  4. Everything is right. The atmosphere is so nice. All the girls treat you like they have known you all your life. I go there atleast once a week. Mostly to talk to marylu and christina, they are the two reasons i go to rubys.

  5. Response to above: I worked with the tough guy at the tables elsewhere(ET), who's making sure nobody gets stupid. He's actually a great guy who's there to make sure everyone has a good time as long as your not a complete ass while you look at it.

  6. Wow is all I have to say! They hired this new girl AMBER- let me say they need to place an Amber Alert when she takes the stage! She is so awesome- has the bigest tits I've ever seen and an awesome box that she rubs all over while seriously griding all the right spots! I never want another dancer again!

  7. I been a Ruby's customer since it opened so I seen a lot of girls come and go in this place. Richie cleaned house recently, he runs a tight ship and those girls are like his own girls; so keep that in mind. He runs a tight ship and will honor and protect them to no end. All he asks is they show up when scheduled and are drug free; that is why his club is ranked the best. They are awesome smart girls/women he has working.
    I met a young woman named Amber a little after she started in January; This woman is very attractive both physically and intellectually. Having two doctoral degrees and find it extremely difficult to ever talk with a dancer let alone even some of the other patrons without getting board. With Amber I was flaborgasted! She is well educated with a vast variety of knowledge and experience and it is always a pleasure to sit and talk a logical conversation with her and toss her some cash for that time which she always thanks me for sincerely. (I stopped lap dances about 20 years ago, but I always give the girls something for their time. With Amber, I'll pay her extra for that time because this woman is worth spending it on)

  8. What does Amber look like? Sounds interesting.

    1. My boss calls her snow white with a dark side!

      She has beautiful olive skin,sultry dark brown eyes, about a 3x D, or G in the top, nice perky round ass and curly/wavy dark brown hair depending on her mood it seems.

      I actually owe her a secret appology. I wanted to dance with another dancer that night but the girl went with someone else and thats how I approached her and asked her to dance after she got off stage and I thought she was beautiful but lacked the stage performance (I didn't know she was a new girl at the time)Best night ever!

      Amber has a charm to her that is so hard to explain. You just have to dance with her to get it. I see the four entries above and they are all right about her, we could start a Amber's blog and still not have enough room to praise and compliment her! Amber is the whole package. She is a very seductive women, extremely sexy, and her raw natural beauty is so unique now a days nevermind in a strip joint.

      When I dance with her I always place the cash out ahead of time. I tell her here is $300 bucks to get us started, ready when you are. She is undiscribable, amaizing. She never cheaps her way out like thousands of other dancers I've dance with with cheap thrills/feels here and there; she just takes you and sucks you in her world; I mean you can easily become distracted and everything else dissapear with her. She is that seductive and her body always smells so clean and fresh the way a REAL women should(don't know if anyone else noticed that) its not a perfume its her skin. She is litterally a diamond in the rough! I've danced all over the world and for her never dancing before ever, started in January... she makes my #7 in my top 20 ever in the WORLD gentlemen. Don't be fooled by the cloths or her lack of stage tricks... she is new... that will come with time, experience, and (hopefully more income for her to invest in her job)Amber has a sixth sence about her to where she can get along with anyone and give them all the attention or need that they desire and always rocks that private dance in Amber's world!

  9. went in Monday night, place was ok. met that chick amber everyone talks about on stage. asked her for a dance and was taken back that she told me sure, but I have to wait cause she had two guys lined up! I went beck with ivy who is smoking hot with a flawless body, but her dance style is lame. she is very routine and that doesn't do it for me. finally amber came back and asked me to go. glad I went, she is smoking hot in the back. really into the whole dance, gives it her all and actually asks what you like and don't like. did this really cool trick with the tits that had me soaking my pants and she knew it too and innocent playfully remarked on that really got me hot! just a solid real chick. curvy, sexy, smart, and confident and real. glad I waited around for her.

  10. Holy shit I just closed the place with the fucking wildest chick I ever met! Fucking smoking hot; I felt like such an ass cause it was like the tenth or eleventh song that I finally asked her her name again!!! Amber man!!!! So worth it! Hooked on that woman. Can't wait til Sunday night, ill wait all fucking night to dance with her again if I have to.
    Amber I'm putty for you girl! You can freaking dance like no one I've ever seen- on stage and off!!!
    - John from Rhode Island
    (I case you read this)

  11. Does anyone know if hazel still works at rubys? I used to go all the time at least once a week sometimes more and hazel was by far my favorite dancer, she's tall has dark hair long legs and always gave a great dance if anybody knows if or when she works I'd really appreciate it

  12. Ruby's went to crap! The girls are mostly on drugs and there to sensitive and have attitudes to be working in a strip club! The bar tenders are little short ugly fat women! Some girls have no respect for the customers. It was better years ago when Mike owned it. I've seen the bar tenders , waitresses throw customer out for not getting to there 3 rd drink fast enough. DJ slapping a black guy on his back for rubbing a girls leg on stage. They do have some ugly fat chicks on stage now!! I won't be going back unless it changes big time and they get rid of the old Fat lady bartenders and wait staff!!!