Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ultra Violet (Willimantic, CT)

Quality of dances (14/20) – The dances here are very good, but I wasn't able to enjoy mine fully because the girl was dripping with sweat due to the barely functioning air conditioning. Still, full contact is allowed and encouraged in both directions. I suspect that minimal extras may be available, but I was too grossed out by the sweat to find out for sure.

Quality of dancers (2/10) – The girls that I saw weren't awful, but they weren't all that good either. There's some crossover between Ultra Violet and Electric Blue, but only the worst Blue girls seem to show up here.

Number of Dancers (2.5/10) – Apparently I caught them on an unusually slow night, but there's no excuse for ever just having 2 dancers working the evening shift.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (1/5) – Both dancers that I saw were fairly plain white girls. The one had natural tits and the other did not, but that's not enough variety to warrant more than a point.

Attitude of dancers (3/10) – One dancer was moderately friendly but the other completely ignored the four customers who were in the place. This seems to be the type of place where the girls are friendly with the regulars, but that didn't do me any good during my only visit.

Value (6/10) – There was no cover when I was there and beers aren't too bad at $4.75 per bottle. You get decent value for your dollar at the stage, and the $20 dances are fairly solid.

Dance Setup (5.5/10) – The dance room is mostly closed off from the rest of the club in the one corner, but the open door does allow a clear view of one of the chairs. There are no dividers within the room, but I assume that you'll usually be the only one getting a dance, so it's pretty solid. If the girl doesn't take you to one of the out-of-view chairs around the corner, I wouldn't bother going through with the dance.

Club Setup (2/10) – This is a tiny club with a small stage and uncomfortable chairs, but there's a decent bar in the center of the room with a row of TVs along the far wall.

Club Atmosphere (3/10) – If they took away the women and lowered the drink prices, this place would be a solid dive bar, but as is, it's just a dumpy topless club with moderately priced drinks. The atmosphere seems to get better once you visit several times and build up a rapport with the dancers and bartenders, but I'm not sure what would possess anyone to visit enough times to allow that to happen.

Club Accessibility (.5/5) – Ultra Violet is on Main Street in Willimantic, but it isn't particularly close to anything.

Overall – My expectations were high since this place is owned by the same guy who owns Electric Blue, but I was disappointed in every way. I know there are people who like this place and I realize that I may have caught it on a bad night, but it was so bad that I can't imagine giving it another chance anytime soon. The dances here are decent, but if you're considering visiting Ultra Violet, just drive the extra 20 minutes to Electric Blue.



  1. Maybe the club should answer it's business phone.
    Me and a few of my friends lost work when the Venus in East Hartford lost rights to employ dancers.
    There are decent looking girls to work if the people that ran the place would answer the phone and welcome new entertainment.
    Maybe they are satisfied with the toothless sweaty hefty girls they have.

  2. if u go in they will hire u no matter what u look like, i promise. weekends r better Peter.

  3. u know i been going 2 this club 4 a very long time. i been there when it was at its crappiest & believe it or not when it looked like a dump the place was poppin... but ever since they remodeled its like the more money spent the less money that comes in.. i mean come on mirrors so the whole bar can watch ur PRIVATE dance? if u want 2b w/the girl u dont want an audience especially when THEY AINT PAYIN... U R! oh & then theres this power happy glasses wearing dude who is barely there but thinks HE owns the place & pretty much turned ultra violet turned in2 ultra quiet. it just seems 2 keep going down & down. im not trying 2 put the place down cuz i put in alot of time at this club. its a very laid back get 2 know u type of bar & if u pick the RIGHT dancer w/teeth & can move their body u will definately be in 4 a very fun time. im sorry 4 the people that sit @ the bar & dont bother going 2 the stage.. its not a free show so get the dancers 2 notice u if they havent made it over 2 ur spot yet! they work 4 tips & if u aint got no money u might as well take ur broke @$$ home!

  4. I went once there were about 8 dancers at first it was different but once you sit at the stage the girls are friendly. 6 out of 8 dancers were really good. I would go back

  5. I went there and got the best lap dance of my life. Then I got the worst itch of my life on my cock! haha just kidding. I did hang out with the coolest dude ever who said he was the manager. His girlfreind was seriously hot and exotic looking. They were totally perverted and a lot of fun. I would go there again just to hang out with them and the bartenders. Overall, the patio is cool and the drinks aren't too bad. Not bad, Willimantic.

  6. I used to live in Willie, and went there a couple times a month to a couple times a week. Like everywhere, you can't just walk into the club once and expect the key to the city handed to you. the girls are real. they're friendly, and who knows, maybe they just liked me better than Peter plays with himself. It's like cheers with strippers. The bartender knows you by name, the manager shoots pool with you and every so often you get one on the house. I truly miss that place. Big Hello to Misty, Heather, Caution, (although I still can't figure out why your parents would pick such odd names and all the other good people there....

  7. Loved it. Hit Cadillac Lounge (day), Electric Blue (one daytime, one nite) and UV on my trip to New England. Had the best time at UV. 10 girls on a Thursday, 3s,5s and one or two 7s. The LD at Caddy was $40 a song. EB was $20-40 for a 2min song. My 2 dances at UV were $20 per 4 or 5 min song. Both girls were honest about the number. One dance was mild, some 2way contact. The other was EB quality without the pushy girl. Privacy was not a problem, nor was the air conditioning (hey Pete: some of us like sweaty girls). Out of the way, but a nice laid back place.

  8. Bob who likes to patronize good clubsSeptember 1, 2013 at 11:32 PM

    was there this past Thursday. Got there at 7:15, and had to pay $5 cover. Saw one girl on stage for about 5 mins. Tipped her a few bucks. When she asked if I wanted a LD, I said NO, not yet (had only been there about 10 mins). She stopped dancing and left stage. I was the only non-regular. For the next 30 minutes, NOT A SINGLE GIRL DANCED ON STAGE. When I left, I asked the bouncer if this was a titty bar or a church. He got up to tell someone that a well-dressed PO's customer was leaving, and not planning to return. If the EB owners own this club too, he must be using the place as a front for something else, as he doesn't care about running it as a strip club. As the DJ and bartender could see what was going on, this place needs a new manager, and more considerate dancers. People need to be held accountable.