Thursday, October 13, 2016

Notes on BT's Executive Club (Dearborn, MI)

As I mentioned in my Penthouse Detroit post, I'm clearing out some old notes. I'm just going to post them as is, so they won't be in full sentence and may not make any sense at all, but hopefully they're of some use to you. Just keep in mind that these aren't proper reviews - they may have been based on only 1 or 2 visits that probably took place 2-3 years ago, and I may have been extremely intoxicated. 

Value (5/10) $7 valet parking but at least they moved the sign out of the way for my motorbike, $10 cover. $7.75 beer and water. Good stage interaction. $20 for a booth and $25 to the girl.  

Club Setup (7/10):  ice bar, ton of 2 person tables and lots of booths on one side. Long narrow main stage in center and narrow ledge stage near booths. 

Atmosphere (6/10) younger slightly rougher crowd. Loud music. Fair number of female customers

Quality of Dancers (7/10) not bad, bug only a few really hot. Mostly moderately attractive 6s and 7s. 

Attitudes (8/10) smile a lot, seem to be having fun. Very nice to talk to and happy to chat

Number (8/10) . 4 on stages at a time and one at most tables  

Variety (3.5/5) black and white that are hot. Some thin and some curves. Similar to pantheon but not quite as attractive but more to chose from 

Dances (19/20) great grind, they moved my hand to their crotches, their hands rubbing my dick through my pants pants, got some unsolicited offers for bj or hj

Dance Setup (6/10) booths with bench but most don't have curtains. Some do. You want the ones that do. Same price.

Location (2/5) - It isn't far from the Pantheon Club, but isn't particularly close to anywhere else you'd want to be. 

Overall - I visited so many clubs during my last trip to Detroit that BT's and a few other clubs run together in my head, but I remember really enjoying my time at this club. I liked the Inkster clubs and Penthouse a little better, but strip club fans in most cities would kill to have a club as good as BT's. 

RAW SCORE = 71.5

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