Saturday, October 15, 2016

Notes on Tootsie's Cabaret (Miami, FL)

I've been going through my old notes over the past few weeks and just realize that I someone never posted my thoughts on Tootsie's Cabaret, which is tragic because it's one of my top 5 clubs anywhere in the world. These are my notes that I took during a few trips in 2013, so it's possible that things have changed since here, but I still feel confident giving it my strong endorsement.

Value (5.5/10) No cover and 1/2 price drinks before 8. Cover from $6-$10 depending on day. Nude stage with very good stage show but not ton of interaction. $6 miller ($3 in day). Seems like $3-400ish for more than dances ($75 to club in day ($100 at night) plus $2-300 to girl). $10 table dances but no real touching though nude. 

Club setup (8.5/10) enormous club. Big main stage with 2 25ish foot poles. Another large stage off to side. 2 large bars, dozens of small tables with shitty chairs. Stand up bar tops in back  Both have raised stage area with nearly floor level area by rail. Huge Sports bar with pool tables, 3 cage stages and 4 pop a shot machines. Area upstairs for "high rollers". A little too bright and warehouseish but smoke effects and party vibe make it work though a little impersonal. 

Dancer quality (9/10) some very young, maybe too many implants but very impressive overall. All 7s+

Variety (3/5) white and Latina nice mix, barely any black, all in good shape but some curves

Number (10/10) 3 on stage in afternoon, dozens walking floor and Upwards of a hundred working

Attitudes (2.5/10) definitely some hustle. A few girls grabbed me while I was walking and said "want to have a seat?", then I realized they meant in the dance room . Relentless upswell. Most rub your dick over pants at tables though so not all bad

Atmosphere (9/10) huge party 

Dances (14/20) full 2 way, moderate grinding, promises of extras. Some hands over pants. Some over pants mouth and some Girls reach in to adjust the dick

Dance setup (5.5/10) booths with little wall in front. People walking by can see from some angles but reasonably private. Both dance areas are similar

Location (3/5) Not too far from the city, but you're going to have to drive to get there.

Overall - As mentioned above, Tootsie's Cabaret is among my favorite clubs of all time. I like a lot of South Florida clubs, but this is the best of them.


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