Thursday, October 6, 2016

Notes on Penthouse Club (Detroit, MI)

Note: Before I write a review, I usually try to visit a club at least 3 times - preferably at least 2 evenings in addition to a day shift - so that I can be sure my review will fairly describe the experience that you're likely to receive. The bad thing about that is that, sometimes, I'll visit a club once or twice then never get around to visiting a 3rd time so I'll never turn my notes into full reviews.  

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to clear out some of my old notes. I'm just going to post them as is, so they won't be in full sentences and may not make any sense at all, but hopefully they're of some use to you. Just keep in mind that they may have been based on only 1 or 2 visits that probably took place 2-3 years ago, and I may have been extremely intoxicated.   

Value (2.5/10) Valet 7 cover 10 beer 8.25

Quality of Dancers (9.5/10) so hot. Black girls look like models and white are almost all really hot

Variety (2/5) mostly white all in good shape a few black and Latina but non white are spectacular. Some curves and not too many implants but enough if that's your thing. 

Number (10/10). Had to be 50+

Club Setup (7/10). Same as Philly but more crowded. Smoking area upstairs. 

Attitudes (7/10) friendly. Good to talk to. 

Atmosphere (7/10) classy party. Good mix of regulars and first time visitors. Some hip hop (told owner didn't allow before)

Location (2/5) take the the highway!

Dance Setup (8/10)  Private thick curtain booths with couches. No visible camera. 

Dances (16/20) good grind full 2 way. Hands over pants. Some extras. 

Overall - Great club. Go here.


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