Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Notes on Diamond Jim's Gentleman's Club (Beloit, WI)

As I mentioned in my Penthouse Detroit post, I'm clearing out some old notes. I'm just going to post them as is, so they won't be in full sentence and may not make any sense at all, but hopefully they're of some use to you. Just keep in mind that these aren't proper reviews - they may have been based on only 1 or 2 visits that probably took place 2-3 years ago, and I may have been extremely intoxicated. 

Value (5/10) The cover is $7 early in the evening and $10 late but there wasn't a cover when I stopped by for the day shift. $3 Miller Lite and 2 drink min (stupid with cover). Pretty solid beer selection. Nude stage shows with some interaction but not great. $25 topless dances. 

Number of Dancers (2/10) Four girls were working but there were none to be seen an hour after opening at 4pm. Not really fair to judge based on day shift, but nearly a dozen customers with 0-2 dancers on the floor at a time was pretty rough. 

Variety (1.5/5) Of the four dancers I saw, one was black and three were white, but it can't score too high based on the small number of dancers. There was at least some size variation. 

Dancer Quality (6/10) Two of the girls that I saw were very cute. Maybe they sacrifice quantity for quality?  

Club Setup (4.5/10) Decent bar near entrance and another in back. 2 decent sized pit stages. Lots of tables and rolly chairs and a few nice reserved couches . Long fairly large club. (Note: My notes are based on how the club was in 2013. According to their website, they've made recent renovations, so it may be nicer now)

Atmosphere (2.5/10) Bad 80s music, depressing in the day. Could be solid at night but still a little diveish.

Attitudes (6.5/10) They sit and chat. Some push lady drinks but not too bad and they seem to be appreciative if you buy them. One returned a few bucks that I'd dropped on the floor. They try to sell you on going to the VIP. 

Dances 10.5 Two way contact is allowed but mostly legs and ass though some are ok with touching their tits. Decent grind. 

Dance Setup (3/10) There's soft bench seating with big dividers between everyone so you can only see if across or walking by. There are lots of spaces so you shouldn't have anyone looking at you during your dance.

Location (1.5/5) It's about half way between Beloit and Janesville, but not particularly close to either.

Overall - Diamond Jim's was fine for one visit, but I didn't feel any need to go out of my way to return. 


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