Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The night that inspired the creation of Peter Tips

Only good things result from overnight trips to strip clubs, and our trip to the Electric Blue Cafe was no exception. The following are just a few of the memorable quotes from the night.

"There are two things you should know about your driver. One, he is huge. I should have charged him double. It's like 14 inches. Two, he's drinking vodka out of a flask in his pocket." ~Sabrina

"Your friend is right here. My friend is blowing him." ~Sabrina

"I really didn't try to cheat you. To make it up to you, I'll give you a blow job if you buy me 2 cheeseburgers." ~Coked up waitress

"Trinity bitches are religious, but I'll pray to whatever god gave them those asses." ~Manny Sellpuertorico (best taxidriver ever)

"I let her do things to me that I never thought I'd let a stripper do." ~Manny

"I let her do things to me that I never thought I'd let a stripper do." ~Zo

"Did you see that girl? She's so hot. Man, I'd stick my tongue in her ass." ~Manny

And finally, something along the lines of, "You should make a website where you can write about your strip club adventures and post reviews of the clubs."

With that I present to you petertips.blogspot.com.


  1. I love this site...I'm just bummed now that RI changed their prostitution laws... Hopefully you guys will addresss that in some manner soon

  2. I am a very smart sexy student, and I always looked down on strippers but loved watching them. Recently I decided I to try it so I wanna thank you because from your information I found a couple nice clubs to try out:) O and I love "dancing" LOVE IT! its fun and empowering

  3. Hey, smart sexy student, where are you working?

  4. In late 2010, is Electric Blue still as great as it was when you reviewed it a year and a half ago? Its a bit of a drive for me but could be worth the experience!

  5. I update the review every time I stop by, so it's current as of 2 weeks ago. The Blue is very much worth going out of your way for.

  6. This is a great service. I haven't been to a strip club in CT and now live near New Haven instead of Hartford. This really helps out man, thanks!

  7. Anonymous,

    It's my pleasure. Glad you enjoy the site.


  8. You really need to hit Houston - esp St. J.