Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Standard of Reviews

You should read each review to see how a club stacks up in the specific categories that you're interested in, but here's a rough guide to my scores:

0-35: This club is a dump and there's really no reason to ever go here.

35-40: This club is pretty bad, but I won't judge you for stopping by if you're in the area and are desperate.

40-45: This club isn't great, but it's got a few things going for it, so depending on what you're looking for, it might be worth a visit if you're nearby.

45-50: This is a solid but unspectacular club. Check the specific categories because it almost certainly has some flaws, but you could do a lot worse that going to this club.

50-55: This is a good club that just falls a little short of earning the elusive Peter Tips Seal of Approval.

Anything over 55 is an excellent club. Most of the clubs with a score this high will have the Peter Tips Seal of Approval. This club is definitely worth a visit.

The overall rating for each club is calculated by adding up the following categories:

Quality of dances (_/20) - This category takes into account the aggressiveness of the dancer, the amount of contact in both directions, the availability of "extras," and the willingness of the dancers to give a standard legitimate dance, if you're into that sort of thing.

Quality of dancers (_/10) - This is based solely on looks, but it should be noted that I hate fake tits.

Number of dancers (_/10)- The number of dancers and the dancer-to-customer ratio are both factored into this score.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (_/5) - Since everyone likes something different, a nice mix of races, ages and body types is a plus. It should be noted, though, that a mix of ugly chicks isn't worth nearly as much as a mix of beauties.

Attitude of Dancers (_/10) - How easy is it to get dances? How easy is it to get rid of girls that you don't want a dance from? Do the girls at least act like they like their jobs? Do the girls ask for tips or try to give you a guilt trip if the tip that you give isn't enough?

Value (_/10) - This considers the cover charge, the cost of drinks, the stage value and the cost of dances in relation to what you get.

Dance Setup (_/10) - Privacy, comfort, and cleanliness are all factors.

Club Setup (_/10)

Club Atmosphere (_/10)

Club Accessibility (_/5) - This is measured from the nearest metropolitan area. Clubs are always more fun when you have a few drinks, and since I encourage you to drink responsibly, this is relevant.

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