Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Club 35-10 Rendezvous (Iberville, Quebec)

Quality of dances (15/20) – The dances here are full contact and are very good. Unfortunately, the girls are unattractive to the point where it affected my ability to fully enjoy the dance.

Quality of dancers (2/10) – The girls here are not attractive enough for any club, but it's just ridiculous to have this kind of slop at a club in Quebec.

Number of dancers (0/10) – In fairness to the club, one of my visits was on Easter Sunday, but that's still no excuse for having only 1 girl working. Even on my other visit, there were still only 2 girls there.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (1/5) – I saw a black girl there once, but she wasn't great.

Attitude of Dancers (1.5/10) – The girls don't speak much English, so it's hard to rate them on the conversation, but they also don't seem to like working here. Also, if you're the only one working and there are customers that you haven't talked to yet, it's probably a poor time to take a smoke break.

Value (8.5/10) – You can't beat a three dollar cover and full contact dances for $10 Canadian.

Dance Setup (8.5/10) – The booths are small, but they have curtains drawn across, so they're fairly private.

Club Setup (4/10) - The stage is small and not really close to anything else in the club, but the rest of the setup is fine.

Club Atmosphere (1/10) - It would probably be a decent place to watch a hockey game on the large projection screen, but the smaller TV always shows weird solo porn. Also, the whole club has a strange odor, and it just isn't a great place to hang out.

Club Accessibility (0/5) – The club is far from everything, and even once you see it, you have to go through a maze of on-ramps and off-ramps to actually get there. I've been tempted to just park my car along the main highway and walk.

Overall - This club isn't very good at all, but it's right on the route back to the U.S. from Montreal, which makes it a tempting place to stop for a cheap dance and a Red Bull to try to wake up for the ride home. I wish I could say that I'll never go there again, but it's more likely that I'll keep stopping and keep being disappointed.


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