Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hill Top (Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC)

Quality of dances (15/20) - If you want more than a dance, this is the place for it. As soon as I walked in, a girl walked over to my table and said "$80 for a blow job, $180 for sex, more for more." I talked her into just giving me a dance and it was very high contact, but she was only willing to do it as a 1-song commercial for her other services. Once she realized that I wouldn't be paying for anything more than dances, she was done. If you go here for dances, at least pretend like there's a chance that you'll be wanting more.

Quality of dancers (6/10) - On previous visits, the women here had been at least as attractive as those in downtown Montreal. On my most recent visit, that definitely was not the case

Number of dancers (4.5/10) - There were only 5 girls here in the mid-afternoon, but my friend and I were the only guys in the place, so the ratio was great.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (2/5) - I've seen a mix of black and white dancers at Hill Top, though none of them were attractive during my most recent visit.  Previously, I'd seen some hotter women, but all of them were white.

Attitude of Dancers (1/10) - A girl came right over and was happy to explain how things work to us first-timers, so I thought the attitudes were going to be great, but things changed quickly once the girl realized that I had no intention of getting BJs. She warned all the other dancers about us, and then we couldn't even get anyone to look in our direction, even though we were the only guys in the place.

Value (4/10) - Twenty dollar dances are on the high side for the Montreal area, but there's more contact than you'll get downtown, so it's hard to complain too much.  The $5 cover and $7 beers are both reasonable for this type of place.

Dance Setup (10/10) - They expect that you'll be fucking, so the dance rooms are huge and private, and the chairs are comfy. They don't have any other types of booths, so you'll get the big rooms even if you're just getting a dance.

Club Setup (1/10) - I don't remember seeing a stage, but even if there was one, I'm sure that no one was dancing. They did have some Erotic Photo Hunt machines, but those just stole my loonies.

Club Atmosphere (0/10) - No one comes here to hang out. As the girl told us: "Guys come in, they go to the back, they cum, then they leave."

Club Accessibility (0.5/5) - Hilltop is about a half-hour outside of downtown Montreal, and even once you're nearby, it's still hard to find. The address is 1150 Route Harwood, but the entrance is actually on the hill from Rue Henry-Ford.

Overall - This is probably great for a whorehouse, but it's average at best as a strip club.


Last Update: May 2012


  1. go ontario for good dances

  2. if African american. lol. if a dancer says hello you are lucky.

  3. Exactly as you describe it. A whorehouse it is.

  4. Went there in november of 2011 .Girls and bouncers were great.Strippers were aggrasive but hey thats there job best strip club ive ever been too .For me its worth the 45 drive id rather go there then to Montreal!

  5. Went there last week, got a great dance but the girl wasn,t aggressive at all, we psoke a good 40 minutes at my table before heading to the stall. I got a good dance with lots of contact, I give you that. There was what almost 10 girls in the place for 5 guys, a couple of black ones as well as 1 asian but it was 1am maybe that's why

  6. Went there in October of 2009 for a bachelor party. It was exactly as you described. We showed up at about 1130 on a Saturday night, so there were more than just a few guys. Even though, the strippers came around and were pretty friendly. Now I can't be sure, but I think I got a "dance" with adult star Alexia Knight. She wasn't featured but I saw her in a video a few months later and was convinced it was her. Anyone know if she ever danced here? I don't think she was doing porn anymore back in 09. I'd love to know if it was her. I know she's from Montreal.

  7. The place closed down... What a bummer. Somebody in a nearby gas station told me they moved on the Island.

  8. doea anybody know if this place is still open?

  9. I went there 3 to 4 times in my way to Ottawa , I had very good times there specially with a black girl her name is Cintia and another black girl her name is Elizabeth both of them were very hot , but I did not see them in other times that I went there , I missed both them , wish to see them more.