Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roaring 20's (San Francisco, CA)

Quality of dances (4/20) - The dances are fairly aggressive, but they're not full songs and the tops don't even come off for the normal $20 fee.

Quality of dancers (5.5/10) - Some of the girls are pretty decent, but there's no way that management has ever turned a prospective dancer away for not being attractive enough.

Number of dancers (5/10) - There were maybe a half-dozen girls working on the afternoon shift.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (5/5) - I have never seen more variety in a club. Unfortunately, the Indian, Asian, and Black dancers were just as terrible as the White ones.

Attitude of Dancers (0/10) - They will keep asking if you want a dance until you either get one or leave. When you do get a dance, they will try to hustle you. The one girl that I got a dance from did give me a free DVD of herself in some weird pregnant fetish film though, so that was pretty sweet.

Value (0/10) - The cover is good for a few other bars that are owned by the same guy, but if this is how he runs a club, why would anyone think that's a good thing? Dances are $20, but topless dances are $40 and nude are $60.

Dance Setup (8/10) - The dances are given in decent sized booths with a curtain providing some privacy, but it's dark and doesn't seem very clean.

Club Setup (1.5/10) - It's a small club with most of the chairs lined up along the two main walls. There are no dark corners in which to relax and hide from the pushy dancers.

Club Atmosphere (0/10) - They don't serve alcohol and there isn't much stage action, so the only thing to do is talk to the dancers. And that's not a good thing.

Club Accessibility (5/5) - It's easy to get to, which, as with the Glass Slipper in Boston, isn't a good thing.

Overall - If you're desperate enough to even consider going here, walk the 2 blocks to Chinatown and get yourself a happy ending.


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