Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mario's Showplace (Webster, MA)

Quality of dances (11.5/20) – Mostly full contact, depending on the girl, though I’ve never been offered any extras. The last time that I was there, my dance was fairly mediocre, but there was a substance on the side of the booth that almost certainly was some other dude's jizz, so it's safe to say that experiences can vary wildly from one girl to the next. At least all the women know how to grind on the pipe, which is always a plus.

Quality of dancers (7/10) – I’ve been there both during the week and on the weekend, day and night, and the quality of dancers is pretty consistent, which is a plus. There are always a few 8+ girls, though they are usually taken to the back room by a revolving door of middle-aged locals.

Number of dancers (7/10) – Always at least 1 on stage, and at least 8-10 walking around. The dancer/customer ratio is always a good one.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (4/5) – It used to be mostly white girls, but they've had several attractive black girls and a few Asians working during my last few visits. Sadly, all of the Latinas in the area work over at Centerfolds.

Attitude of Dancers (6/10) – Almost no girls are pushy, and many will sit down and talk for a while. Though I always buy the girls a drink, it’s never expected and thanks are always given. Very rare to have a bad attitude at this place. Unfortunately, a lot of girls complain about back child support and unpaid student loans, which is kind of a buzzkill, and I've had one girl blatantly miscount dances.

Value (6/10) – You can go to the website and print out a “free cover” coupon, which is up to a $20 value. The only time it doesn’t apply is Saturday after 6pm, but that’s because some porn star is usually being featured. Beers are $5-$6, drinks around $8. For dances, you get a wristband ($5) with your first dance, and all dances afterwards are $25 full nude. So it's $30 for one and the average cost falls after that. Also of note is the $9 prime rib. It comes with crappy frozen veggies and mashed potatoes, but who cares? The 12 ouncer is actually above average, cooked properly and the only food I've ever ordered at a strip club.

Dance Setup (4.5/10) – Comfortable chairs and decent privacy between other guys getting dances does not help the fact that you can probably see someone in the bad seat getting a dance from the entrance if you look hard enough. Bouncers are also right around the corner.

Club Setup (5/10) – When they aren’t too busy, there are 4 tables very close to all three corners of the stage, but not so close that you need your dollar bills out, which is pretty awesome. When it’s busy, it’s very cramped unless you get a good seat before someone else does. The bench seats on the sides are key to getting dancers to sit with you.

Club Atmosphere (4/10) - This is a fully nude, fairly small club that’s comfortable most of the time. The attitude of the girls makes it easily likable, as long as you’re not a jackass yourself. Unfortunately, it completely lacks privacy, which is important for working the game, and it fails to give off that intangible good feeling vibe possessed by some other clubs.

Club Accessibility (1/5) – If you live in Worcester and love to gamble, you're in luck, because Mario's is almost directly on the route to Foxwoods/Mohegan Sun, making it the perfect place for a quick warmup. But if you're anyone else, you're screwed. Relative to most metro areas, Mario's is in the fucking boonies.

Overall – I have a special place in my heart for Mario's, and I'd never recommend that you not go there. But given its relative location, I can't encourage a long trip just for the experience. If you're in the area, then by all means, stop right in. Just make sure you bring a designated driver, because I've often found myself stopping with a group of guys for one beer, only to leave at 2 AM with 75% of us hammered.


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  1. how can you rate it so low. The club is awesome. Lots of extras and lots of fun... Boobs, c-toe, all sizes. Great place to go...

  2. I have never been to a better club. That includes anywhere in New England, New York, Florida. Texas or Arizona.

  3. frank sr. has the best club on planet earth from frizb

  4. marios is the bessssssstttttt ever bitchessss <3333

  5. Went to Marios on a thursday afternoon expecting a quiet time. This day turned out to be happy lapdance day which left me very relaxed

    1. Good club. Frank Jrs girl is absolutely breath taking, no she don't dance there(find her at Cadillac in Providence. Mikes girl looks like a drowned rodent(literally) she doesn't work there either she's for lack of better words(a bum)!! Mikees girl is also blind as a bat! Everyone knows but her, atleast for now, maybe she'll find out.

  6. Mario's has redesigned the lap dance room for more privacy. while it's not filled with '10's, I would rate the quality of dances among the best in the NE and a solid 16. the new dance area also rates at least an 8.

  7. Due to some kind of lawsuit Mario's hand to increase their prices for lapdances though because now they have to pay the dancers at least a waitress' wage on top of their tips. Access to the LD room used to have a prerequisite of buying a stupid wristband from the house for $5, then the dances were $25/per, then increased to $30/per, now they are at $25/per and no more wrist band or $5 to the house. No more specials though. The specials used to run Sundays, Mondays (then they added Tuesdays) 2 dances for $35, then it increased twice up to 2 for $40, then 2 for $45. Now they are $25/song all day, everyday. Boot he's are deep, private and clean. Also since my last visit this past Sunday they have built a wall down the middle of the private dance room that stands about 4 ft tall and provides privacy to the booths on the back walk. Now as you sit in the lounge or if you are waiting outside the private dance room you can no longer see what is going on in the booths directly across from you. The one drawback though is that the once extremely private corner booths are not so private anymore as dancers take their patrons to the booths behind the new wall/partition they walk directly across your view. All in all, now that the prices are starting to come down, Mario's is an experience that I enjoy and look forward to repeating.

  8. I was there last week. Nice looking dancers and got one LD which was very nice. Only had an hour, but will definitely return and hopefully when I have more time. There is one little blond that I really want to see again and spend more time with. :) Nicer layout now than the last time I was there several years ago. Dances are $30 per song now.

  9. went there a few times and frank jr had some hot-ass bitch painting for him...she wasnt a dancer,wasnt a bar-tender but goood god I would pay anything for her to have taken off those painter pants and dirty tee to show me her goods!!!! hope she comes again and again...what a waste of good ass!

  10. Does anyone know where Lola is working now ? This place has lost its glory without the lesbian act of Lola & Paris :(

  11. "and it fails to give off that intangible good feeling vibe possessed by some other clubs"

    I agree. There's a sign on the wall which warns customers that they can be refused service and you will be asked to leave. If you refuse to leave the Webster police will be called and you will be charged with trespassing. It certainly doesn't make you feel good about being in the club.

  12. This place has changed so much!!! For the better I think. Dances are now 20$ a song!! Yay!! Lots of new girls DAMN...Black /White/Asian/ and Latinas here!! I had a LD there earlier and had to leave a review after I changed my pants hahahaha Marios Showplace STILL the best in the Business!!!! Just my Opinion!!! Go see for yourself.

  13. bracelets are no longer needed for dances!!! Now only 20$ a song. Private champagne rooms are awesome, only 170 for a great time. Girls were friendly, over all favorite was the waitress, a shorter blonde named angelic.

  14. Meadow is a goddess!