Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Super Contact (Montreal, QC)

Quality of dances (9/20) – On my first trip, this would probably have been a 15, but the amount of contact from the girls has steadily decreased over my last several visits. You can still grab them as much as you want, but it just isn't the same without them rubbing back.

Quality of dancers (8.5/10) – Even by Quebec standards, the girls here are hot. There aren't as many as at Super Sexe, but the quality is just as high.

Number of dancers (4/10) – As with the quality of the dances, the number of dancers has been declining over my last several visits. Recently, there's only been one girl on stage and a few walking around looking to give dances.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (3/5) – The diversity here is very good. There could stand to be a few more black girls, but there's a pretty solid supply of white and Latina dancers.

Attitude of Dancers (8/10) – The dancers here are great. I go every 4 months or so and am still treated like regulars.

Value (6/10) - The dances are pretty solid for $15 Canadian, but there are many better deals to be had in Montreal.

Dance Setup (7.5/10) – The booths have open doors, but you are facing parallel to the opening, and only the person in the opposing booth can see what you're up to. It's not a great setup for extras, but its pretty solid for a standard aggressive dance.

Club Setup (5/10) - The club is small and the stage takes up a decent percentage of the space. There are several tables with a good view of the action, but there's no reason not to just sit at the stage since you don't have to tip in Canada. Glorious and Free!

Club Atmosphere (6/10) - The regular waitress, Jessica, is amazing. Other than that, the atmosphere is fairly mediocre.

Club Accessibility (5/5) – Downtown Montreal, right along Rue St. Catherine. If you can't walk here from your hotel, you're staying in the wrong area.

Overall - At its best, this is a great club; at its worst, it's a decent place to hang out for a few hours and get some reasonably priced dances. Unfortunately, it has been at its worst recently. Still, of the places right along Rue St. Catherine, this is probably the best.



  1. Peter, what club do you recommend in Montreal that has better dance value than $15c per dance (without losing any quality)? Going there soon. Thanks! Love the site.


  2. Cafe Cleopatra has as good of a dance value as we've experienced anywhere. The drawback of that place is that it's not as centrally located as a lot of the other Montreal clubs, but you can't beat reasonably aggressive $10c dances.

  3. Great, thank you! We will definitely check it out!