Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Satin Doll (Providence, RI)

Note: This review is based on visits that took place before the law banning indoor prostitution in Rhode Island went into effect November, 2009. I fear that things may have changed for the worse since then, but since I've been told that this is now a bikini club, I probably won't bother to return for a re-review. I suggest that you skip it too.

Quality of dances (11/20) – The dances are full contact, but the girls don't really pay any special attention to places that need special attention.

Quality of dancers (1/10) – Most of the girls could have stood to lose 50 pounds. I can appreciate a few extra pounds on a girl to soften up the dances, but these dancers went way beyond that.

Number of dancers (3/10) – There were about 5 girls working in the mid afternoon. Luckily, there weren't many guys there, so the ratio was still acceptable.

Variety/Diversity of dancers (2/5) – There were black and white girls working, but the biggest variation was from moderately fat to obese.

Attitude of Dancers (6/10) – Some of the girls looked a little strung out, but they're friendly and aren't pushy at all. They mostly just ask if you want some company, and if you say no, they move on.

Value (3.5/10) - Drinks are cheap, but at $25, the dances are overpriced.

Dance Setup (5.5/10) – The dance booths don't have doors, but most of them aren't visible from the main part of the club, and some of them aren't very visible even from the other booths. For an extra $25, they'll shut the curtains, but it's too dark to see anything even with the curtain open, so I would think you'd be getting a dance in the dark if you did this. Of course, considering the girls that work here, that might not be a bad thing.

Club Setup (3.5/10) - There's a small stage right by the bar that's a good idea, but no one was on it when I was there. Pillars that are part of this smaller stage block the view of the main stage from the bar.

Club Atmosphere (3/10) - It seemed like an older crowd likes to hang out here, and the dancers seemed to know most of the customers. For an outsider, the atmosphere wasn't great.

Club Accessibility (5/5) – This club is right in downtown Providence, and is only about 3 blocks from the Sportsman's Inn.

Overall - It's not terrible, but it isn't great either. To stay competitive in Providence, they need to do better than this.



  1. I was there tonight - bikini bar in the front, $5 cover charge. But the private dances were awesome - wish it were full nude, though.

  2. anyone know about "back room" prices?

    1. 150 champange room full nude free champange very fun i would suggest trinity or alyza their unbelievable

    2. I would recommend mocha because she is a beautiful chocolate bunny an knows what she is doing in the champagne room, she dances so amazing on stage an knows the true meaning of being an entertainer.... two thumbs up gotta see this girl to believe

  3. I always liked the little club . There is always a wide veriety of girls and most of them are good looking and easy to talk to . I personally prefer the thicker girls but they have someone for every ones personal preference.

  4. Its a tranny strip club now...came here to find reviews on that part lol